Action plan for separatists in Eastern Ukraine repeats Crimea scenario

A document found by someone in Donetsk (local journalists?), translated from Russian by William Risch. Source: twitter @govDonbass


  1. Don’t give up buildings, reinforce them. There should be no less than 1,000 people for the night in them, in each building-camp, reinforced and armed. Men in platoons (otriady), women to get food and medicine. Organize a 24-hour guard duty, form armed rapid reaction groups.
  2. In the regions, “lop off” the local SBU units. Take the buildings, cut off communications, rid them of their ability to function. The SBU in Kiev should lose its local connections. The SBU is Enemy Number One, and we need to behead it and uncover its agents by any means necessary.
  3. Take over regional TV studios and begin our own broadcasts. The main thing is to preserve technical connections to television networks, and if journalists run away, you can do what you want – show clips from Youtube, read the news. The main thing is to present our own information.
  4. Don’t “demand” referendums, but carry them out. Set up electoral commissions, demand voter lists from official electoral commissions, make arrangements with printers, and print ballots. Let official authorities in Donetsk who also were for a referendum help, but don’t give them the initiative.
  5. Go to mines and factories and agitate. For the time being, it’s a revolution by young people and the elderly. The rest shoot up drugs and drink beer. The mines should go over to strike mode until the situation has become completely clear – when it is certain that rejoining Russia will produce its rewards.
  6. Make connections with the “Legitimate One” (Yanukovych – translator). Let him do something useful – officially appoint representatives from the people governors of Donetsk and Lugansk.
  7. Among the police, promote the propaganda of non-interference and not enforcing orders for the “defense” of institutions of authority that are under the Junta. Don’t even allow them to defend them passively. Don’t hold back.
  8. Block riot police bases. Call on draftees mobilized to go over to the side of the people in organized fashion.
  9. Unblock the border with the Russian Federation (RF) at least in some sections. Do the opposite for the western borders of southeast Ukraine, set up border posts and don’t let anyone from western Ukraine in.


6 thoughts on “Action plan for separatists in Eastern Ukraine repeats Crimea scenario

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  2. Clearly Russian provocations of this sort are designed to justify a Russian invasion.Russia wants violence so any invasion can be masked as “peace keeping” as was attempted in Crimea.

    If the numbers reported are correct, 2000 protesters of which about 200 stormed the Luhansk and Donetsk regional administration buildings, are looking to provide Russia with pretexts for invasion. i have no doubt that these characters are a combination of paid thugs and professional Russian special forces and do not represent the vast majority of the inhabitants of the eastern oblasts, who want normalcy and law and order. It is troubling that the police and local administrations could not prevent such violence and protect key government administration buildings. It raises the question of where (and to which state) do their loyalties reside.

    That being said, the Ukrainian people should not allow themselves to be provoked into a violent response as Moscow would like to engineer.

    If the numbers of “occupiers” are in the hundreds, it would seem prudent to cordon them off, much as one would quarantine a diseased person with a communicable illness. This would mean allowing no food, water, electricity etc. to be supplied or allowed into the occupied administration buildings. Police and security services enforcing such a quarantine would need to know clearly where their allegiance lies (and I hope the Ukrainian government has sufficient reliable law enforcers to ensure this).

    The fact that some Russian provocateurs have seized weapons is particularly worrisome. Pending their peaceful capitulation after a patient siege (and the wonders of having no food or water for several days will work miracles), utmost discipline and restraint as well as strict quarantine should be applied. Putin fails to reckon with the patience, discipline and restraint of the Ukrainian people of all linguistic and cultural/ethnic backgrounds. Therein lies his mistake, If possible, a forceful show of the planned Ukrainian unity rallies planned for Apr. 12th might be accelerated. This would be helpful at present, and fortify not only Ukrainian morale, but the steadfastness of supporters around the world.

    In a nutshell, be patient, show restraint, isolate these miscreants and reinforce police and security officials that can be relied upon not to simply hand over the keys to future provocateurs.

    From a humble friend, living in Toronto Canada but whose heart loves Ukraine.

    • Bhudism does not work against Putanism. What is needed is that the authorities finally show resolve. Those that support a hostile nation which Russia is now are traitors. They should be dealt with swiftly and with no mercy. Their properties should be confiscated. A protracted confiscation of buildings by armed gangs will serve Putin as well to invade Ukraine. Almost anything will. A clear message of resolve with whatever legitimate violence that is needed is required. They should stop thinking in terms of what Putin might think but rather what their own people might think in terms of their incapability to deal with traitors.

  3. I’m not sure there is a Ukrainian translation, but in English we have a metaphor that the Ukrainian authorities should consider and apply: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”…
    Унція профілактики варто фунта лікування.

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