The pro-Russian meetings were ‘approved’ by Yefremov and financed by the elite.

The local political and business elite in the east of Ukraine have made a stand against the Kyiv government, reports TSN. According to the citizens of Donetsk and Luhansk, Euromaidan activists and those who are for Ukrainian unity are the enemy. They were convinced by propaganda and, in particular, by local TV.

In Luhansk, the media is curated by Yefremov’s right hand man, Radion Miroshnik. What he is doing on air cannot be called anything other than subversive activity.

While trying to discover who is in charge of undermining the sovereignty of the country—ideological separatists or puppets of the local government and Russia— journalists uncovered a hidden structure.

“They gave $500 for storming the Regional Administration. To the hit group. Of course there were Russians here. They were here in the beginning of March. They were skinheads, fascists, which we never had in Donetsk before. In particular, we saw some well-known Russians here. Particularly the leader of the neo-fascist organization Shield of Moscow, Andrey Khudiakov,” said civil activist Denys Kazantsev.


The Russian ‘tourists’ in Eastern Ukraine are there to rile up the masses. They are being gathered by the local government.

“Even my journalists have come face-to-face with a young man who, when asked for the time, gave them the Moscow time, two hours ahead,” noted journalist Sergiy Garmash, stating that the Russians “are not being shy” and “feeling quite confident” in Ukraine.

This begs the question: who is financing and provoking dozens of marginal pro-Russian groups? Here, aside from the Russian influence, journalists have faced the ‘fifth column’ embodied by the local government and the business elite, who are playing their own game with Kyiv.

“The fifth column are the leadership of the cities of Donetsk Oblast, they are the business, economic, and political elite. They are showing that they are in charge of this process or that they are controlling it. And if we don’t touch them, then it will remain under the control of pro-government elites,” said the head of the Donetsk Voters’ Committee of Ukraine, Sergiy Tkachenko.

Next question: who is behind the wall of propaganda in Luhansk and Donetsk? We have observed that the population has no understanding of the situation in the country. The people at separatist meetings are being ‘fed’ Russian literature by Russian State Duma MP Yevgeniy Fedorov.

In particular, a whole team headed by a Russian image-maker is working in Luhansk, where propaganda flows like a river.

All the strands lead to Party of Regions MP Olexander Yefremov.

“As to Luhansk, I know that the people came in centralized manner, they were organising… in Luhansk nothing happens without Yefremov knowing. All the people, starting with the mayor and ending with the head of the Regional Luhansk Council – everyone is subordinate to Yefremov. Strictly speaking, they are his people,” stated Kazantsev.

TSN Tyzhden journlaists carried out a very difficult investigation to understand who and what is behind the idea of ​​federalism in the Eastern regions. In their work they were faced with a well-functioning machine for inciting people and uncovered unexpected Ukrainian political characters who disguised themselves in Donetsk hotels under false names, and learned about their plans and conspiracies.

Source: TSN

Translated by Euromaidan, edited by Robin Rohrback




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