Invasion of Ukraine planned tonight, says Military Expert Dmitry Tymchuk


Invasion of Ukraine planned tonight, says Military Expert Dmitry Tymchuk of the ‘Information Resistance’ in his FB post.

“Operative news from the ‘Information Resistance’ group. We, the ‘Information Resistance’ group, have received from our reliable sources satisfactory confirmation of the statement of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry that the observed activity of separatists in eastern Ukraine over the last three days is nothing but the beginning of the second phase of the scenario for the Russian invasion into our country.

In particular, according to our information, the separatist leaders, who follow the plan of GRU * of General Headquarters of Russian Armed Forces, have been given the instructions to organize a ‘corridor’ through the state border of Ukraine for let convoys of military equipment pass from Russian territory at the night of April 8th to 9th.

Separatists also have received orders to organize provocations with casualties in cities of the region which could be interpreted by the Russian side as “terror against the people organized by Ukrainian authorities”.

In addition, the coordinators of Russian GRU, who work in the region, have instructed the separatists to use gunfire weapons in case attempts to liberate the occupied administrative buildings are taken. According to our information, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and special services are now taking the necessary measures to block the groups of the separatists. The State Border Service and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are carrying out activities to block and defend the state border in the respective areas”.

* GRU – Directorate General of Intelligence of General Headquarters of Russian Armed Forces


Translated by Ministry of Defense FB, edited by Alya Shandra


8 thoughts on “Invasion of Ukraine planned tonight, says Military Expert Dmitry Tymchuk

  1. Well, a day later and here is nothing…
    A word of caution to the ultra-nats of Ukraine: In Europe nobody likes you. I think that you have already realized that all promised to you by the EU has stalled and you will soon be left on your own. Let aside US and NATO. It has already proven that it costs way too much to “help” even themselves.
    (Wonder why the IMF is willing to offer a “loan” that for sure Ukraine will never manage to evade).

    • In Europe no body like Ukraine. Putin propaganda.. western Europe what can you expect of those people? Where were they in WW2…they did nothing if it weren’t for america Hitler and Stalin would still be running the show which many there still think is a good idea. I have no respect for western europeans.

  2. Some of the old Romanian territories were given by Stalin to Ukraine during the USSR times. I am taliking about Budjak and the Northern Bukovina. At the same time Ukraine and Romania were in divergent positions in a lot of issues.
    During its history romanians of Ukraine have been asimilated and Ukraine was not a friend of Romania but I consider its sovereignty as untouchable, Crimea included!
    I hope ukrainians will consider Romania as their friend from now on, as we stand on the same side of the history as you and we hope that the Russians will stop from what they are doing.

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