VOICES OF THE REVOLUTION: Occupation Memoirs of Servicemen Relocated from Crimea

VOICES OF THE REVOLUTION: Occupation Memoirs of Servicemen Relocated from Crimea.

Voices of Ukraine

Translated by Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and edited by Voices of Ukraine
English source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1424372034479756&set=a.1420185801565046.1073741828.1420141588236134&type=1
Original Source – http://narodka.com.ua/


Major Volodymyr Baraniuk was born in Zhytomyr. His parents live there. This is where his wife and two children are now. His wife is from Crimea, from Feodosia. She has parents, relatives and an apartment left in Crimea. Major Baraniuk doesn’t know where his son will continue his education.

Officer of Administration, Lieutenant Anatoliy Mozhoviy – “My opinion is that the Russians created for themselves a liberators’ image. That means that they came to liberate us from the mythical “banderivtsi” and “fascists” and we are to meet them with flowers. When they arrived, they began to play another role. Generals and Colonels became visiting negotiators. They proposed to us to join Russia. But we did not agree. Then came Cossacks with the skills of marines and started hazing us…

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