Yuriy Butusov: For whose who keep ranting

Butusov: 5 major changes for those who keep ranting about Crimea and Southeastern Ukraine.

Voices of Ukraine

By Yuriy Butusov, Contributing editor at Censor.NET.ua
04.06.2014 Facebook
Translated by Olya Lutska and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: https://www.facebook.com/butusov.yuriy/posts/740284352678530

550487_405033289536973_1393920571_nAnd now, I’d like to address those people who keep ranting “They handed over Crimea, now they are handing over the Southeast, nothing has changed!” Here’s my explanation of what has changed.

1. Foreign policy positions. Thanks to courageous resistance in Crimea, Ukraine has made the second round of Western sanctions against Russia possible. Russia is experiencing tremendous economic losses that exceed the losses of Ukraine by an order of magnitude. Russia is under an economic blockade. At the beginning of conflict in Crimea, Ukraine received a negative outlook from the credit ratings agencies, and Russia was a stable and prosperous country that wanted to “save” us. Now, all financial agencies give the same negative outlook to Russia – credits are not being issued to Putin, and the Russian economy…

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