Kolomoyskiy’s bank received the largest support from the National Bank of Ukraine

National Bank of Ukraine

National Bank of Ukraine

Wednesday, April 9, 2014, 10:04

New National Bank of Ukraine Chairman Stepan Kubiv lent UAH 21.5bn to banks to hold liquidity at a stable level and cover the deposits outflow since assuming his post six weeks ago. Lesya Voytytska at Hubs.com.ua, reports.

The NBU has not divulged any details about which banks got the financial assistance and what the volumes of it are but some bankers shared information with Hubs.

Privatbank, which has held deposits of 40.6% of all Ukrainian depositors, was given the largest sum. “As of the end of March the NBU gave it UAH 9bn to cover outflow,”claims a Privat director who requested anonymity.

The bank of the Dnipropetrovsk governor Ihor Kolomoyskiy confirmed that it had received the financial aid and but claimed that it had received less than UAH 5bn for February and the beginning of March. The bank resorted to the same action during the 2008-2009 crisis. It borrowed for the same needs nearly UAH 8bn from the regulator.

Ukraine’s fourth largest bank by assets, Delta Bank, which belongs to Mykola Lagun and the American company Cargill secured NBU aid in the sum of UAH 4bn.

State-run OshchadBank and UkrEximBank also requested aid from the regulating agency but the volumes remain unknown. The nationalized UkrGazBank received UAH 1bn.

The credit facilities were also given to Fido-bank, which belongs to Serhiy Arbusov and Oleksand Adarich and Raiffeisen Bank Aval.

The original text is on Ukrayinska Pravda at http://www.epravda.com.ua/news/2014/04/6/436027/


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