SSU detains a 23-year old female Russian spy who organized saboteurs

Wkoledaednesday, April 9, 2014, 18:01

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has detained a Russian citizen who performed intelligence agencies’ tasks to destabilize the situation in the southern regions of Ukraine, informs the SSU’s press service.

Mariya Koleda, born in 1991, arrived in Kherson on April 4 of this year. According to her, this is her ninth trip to Ukraine. “During April 5-6, she had several meetings with the leaders and activists of pro-Russian movements in Kherson, and visited some regional centers to monitor the situation at the local level,” the statement from the SSU reads.


On April 7, she took part in battles at Mykolayiv Oblast State Administration building using a firearm. She claims that she wounded three people.

Photo from Koleda's FB account. T-shirt says "USSR"

Photo from Koleda’s FB account. T-shirt says “USSR”

Investigators found that on April 8, Koleda reported to her supervisor in Russia that “activists” have an “unlimited quantity” of improvised explosive devices and that there is an agreement to obtain firearms for them.

Photo from Koleda's PF account. "Our homeland is USSR!"

Photo from Koleda’s PF account. “Our homeland is USSR!”

“She also reported on the preparation of two subversive groups (7 persons from Kherson and 6 people from Nova Kakhovka) to participate in riots in Donetsk,” reports the SSU.

Also, the diversionist was “to clarify the status of the weapons possessed by the State Border Service staff at the border between Crimea and the mainland of Ukraine and the possibility of getting persons banned from entering Ukraine from Crimea legally or bypassing the established checkpoints.”


“From Russian Ministry of Emergency situations” – Koleda’s gift knife, photo from her FB account

While detaining Koleda, officers seized a gas-operated pistol converted for firing ball cartridges and guidelines for preparing subversive groups.

koleda2'According to, Koleda is an active member of the pro-Putin “Russia molodaya” (aka “Rosmol”).

Also, Koleda’s social networks friend lists include the supervisor of the “Russian block” party in Mykolayiv, Yevhen Bondarenko, and an MP from the Party of Regions of Mykolayiv Tetiana Chystiakova.

The original text is on Ukrayinska Pravda at:


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