Kharkiv residents detain Russian separatist – VIDEO with English subs

Russian separatist detained in Kharkiv claimed he lives in Kharkiv but doesn’t know in the name of the city district where he allegedly lives in Kharkiv! Bad training they have in the ‘Russian tourist’ school.

-Where did you come from (explicit)? He has a European emblem on.
-Is he really from Kharkiv?
Who is from Kharkiv?
-This cannot be from Kharkiv!
-He has not washed in ages!
-And you are saying he is from Kharkiv.
-He has not showered in ages! Look at him.
-Where did you come from? We don’t have such folks in Kharkiv!
-Where did you come from?
-I am from Kharkiv (crying).
-If you are from Kharkiv, where do you live? What district of Kharkiv?
-In the Krasnooktyabrkiy district.
-Where is it? We don’t have such district here (laughing).
-You are. What street?
-Krasnooktyabrskaya Street, I tell you.
-What’s the number of your house?
What are you afraid of?
-You know, we have no shortage of water in Kharkiv.
-There are no residents here who don’t shower.
Yes, yes, for sure, you are from the Krasno-Putinsk district!
Talk in Ukrainian! Sing our national anthem!
Does anybody have a tissue?
Sing, sing!
Sing us the national anthem of Ukraine!



2 thoughts on “Kharkiv residents detain Russian separatist – VIDEO with English subs

  1. Only trouble is that now this has been shown the Russians will make sure their agitators have the information they are likely to be asked. Actually getting them somewhere they can wash or shower may be another problem for them.

  2. What a terrible video! The man seems to have been beaten. What does taking a shower have to do with the question if you are from Kharkiv?
    I would like to defend the Maidan cause, but this looks you have a mob out in the street molesting people. Stop this please und don’t show us such terrible videos! This is propaganda AGAINST a free und democratic Ukraine!

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