Prosecutor’s office stormed in Lviv (Western Ukraine)

UNIAN – April 9, 2014 | 03:22 Kyiv time

Public activists stormed the Lviv Oblast prosecutor’s office demanding the resignation of the newly appointed prosecutor. Law enforcement officers standingat the entrance could not stop the desire of Lviv activists to be ‘received’ by Volodymyr Hural. A few dozen activists removed the door from its the hinges and went inside, Ukrainian Channel 24 reports.

Although it was a reception day at the prosecutor’s office, he was not available at his workplace. His subordinates explained the absence of Volodymyr Hural as being on a business trip.

Reference. Oleh Mahnytskiy, MP Svoboda, Prosecutor General of Ukraine, appointed Volodymyr Hural as a prosecutor in Lviv region on March 4, 2014. Previously Volodymyr Hural headed one of the departments of the General Prosecution office, where he worked the under the leadership of Viktor Yanukovych’s henchman Viktor Pshonka since March 2012. Before this Volodymyr Hural worked as First Deputy Prosecutor of Lviv region. Activists allege that Mr. Volodymyr Hural is known in Lviv because of his corrupt behavior. Appointment of Volodymyr Hural caused public indignation in March 2014, right after his appointment.

Compiled and translated by Vitalii Usenko, edited by Alya Shandra


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