Separatists in Luhansk were armed by the SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) General?

April 8, 2014

A video interview with the separatists that have occupied the SBU building in Luhansk was posted in the Internet. They alleged that Oleksander Petrulevych, SBU Head in Luhansk Oblast, personally provided them with bulletproof vests and weapons.

“We are using their weapons now, the ones that were in the SBU warehouses. The General himself, the Head of the SBU, allowed us to take these weapons, provided bulletproof vests and everything else we need. Very nice person, held out very well, and we had let him go home late afternoon,” alleged one of the coordinators of the separatists.

Oleksandr Petrulevych was appointed as SBU Head in Luhansk Region on March 2, 2014 by DecreeNo. 282/2014 signed by Oleskandr Turchynov. SBU officers in Luhansk posted an open letter to Oleskandr Turchinov, acting President of Ukraine, and Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, acting SBU Head, in the Internet. In it, the officers mentioned that Mr. Oleksandr Petrulevych does not posess such values as officer’s honor and dignity. The officers wrote quite harshly that Mr. Oleksander Petrulevych actually destroyed all SBU operation readiness in Luhansk. Officers of SBU in Luhansk requested from Mr. Valentyn Nalyvaichenko that Mr. Petrulevych would be brought before a military tribunal and placed in jail till the end of his days.


Compiled and translated by Vitalii Usenko, edited by Alya Shandra





3 thoughts on “Separatists in Luhansk were armed by the SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) General?

  1. The separatists would say that wouldn’t they. Firstly they want it to look as if the SBU are also seperatists and secondly they don’t want anyone to know that Russia is arming them.

  2. Similar curious twist of news reports was unleashed to the international public lately, indeed, and the international community suddenly started hearing now that the new Ukrainian government was spreading lies over the E-Ukraine regions such as Kharkiv and Donetsk and that there was no civilian or unarmed hostage inside the Luhansk administration site, blah, blah.
    This was as if the new government in Kyiv was a bunch of totally deceptive and corrupt guys themselves, similar to the self-exiled president V. Yanukovich… I have to wonder who started such an attack against the new Ukrainian leadership for what purpose.

    Such a turbulence of information (so-called disinformation, perhaps) is apparently affecting the international press like the Reuters, Der Spiegel and others, not only amateur journalists in other countries.
    The established German publication, Der Spiegel, lately reported that the prosecution and its press conference in Kyiv of the sniper killers of the EuroMaidan presented no evidence to the press and that the case could be a fabrication. Der Spiegel reports like that although the international press is not a court of law and the Ukrainian investigation is still ongoing.
    Now, it seems that the ailing conspiracy theorists are prevailing rather than dead.

    Also, Der Spiegel said lately that the allegation made in the notorious secret recording of telephone conversation of Ashton may be true after all despite the reported denial by Dr. Bogomolets, the White Angel of the EuroMaidan. Der Spiegel, however, failed to report any detail of the original conversation of Dr. Bogomolets. The Estonian Foreign Minister first revealed his bizarre conspiracy theory that the new Ukrainian leadership hired the snipers in the first place to frame V. Yanukovich and the Kremlin and he curiously claimed that he had heard it from her, as we all remember.
    Curiously, no reporter identified who the official Estonian interpreter to the Estonian Minister was while he was in Kyiv meeting with Dr. Bogomolets. The female doctor still denies she made the horrible allegation. But, sadly, even the top international publication, Der Spiegel, failed to investigate the allegation properly while conveying such a misleading allegation to its German and international readers.

    As a rule, an official Estonian interpreter was supposed to accompany the Estonian Minister while he made important conversations with Dr. Bogomolets in Kyiv because the Minister was a diplomat. Without an official interpreter, everything important diplomatically may be lost in translation. In a worst case, an obviously wrong translation will start an international incident.
    Unfortunately, such a worst case already broke out, as we all remember. Hopefully, Ukrainian journalists will interview Dr. Bogomolets again to set the record very straight and let the international community know if the Estonian Minister properly spoke to her through an official interpreter or not. If he was not speaking through his official interpreter, the Estonian politician is responsible for the never-ending conspiracy theory problem and needs to apologize to the international community on the record.

    Now, also sadly, even the Radio Free Europe is publishing a similar horrible allegation over the Luhansk situation, accusing the new Ukrainian leadership for lies as well. See: Luhansk’s Mysterious Hostages, April 10, 2014
    The Radio Free Europe report, by the way, clearly names the news source as Mr Simon Ostrovsky and that his Twitter message is the very source of information, good or bad. Many people who love freedom must be wondering if the Radio Free Europe is now working for the Kremlin. A mere Twitter message, which is everywhere today but too short to describe evidences, is not supposed to be used as an incriminating evidence. Or is it?

    Now, we are being presented with the same pattern of news report by the Radio Free Europe here as the latest Der Spiegel allegation above. Hopefully, a so-called disinformation, or deception, will not prevail concerning the Eastern Ukraine turmoil now because there is a war (de facto war) going on between Russia and Ukraine today.
    Warfare is deception, says the infamous ancient Chinese book, Art of War. At least, everyone must remember that truth is the first casualty of war, too.

    In a situation like Ukraine or Russia today, it is normal for an aggressor (i.e. the Russian side today, obviously) to unleash a large disinformation operation via, not only its satellite TVs, but its own paid agents on the ground before it starts an actual invasion. A. Hitler used such disinformation operation against the USSR as well.
    The weak usually falls victim to such a cheap disinformation operation and perish in an actual conflict later. Before the actual invasion into the weak country, an aggressor spreads widespread distrusts among the people of the country, artificially, to make the actual aggression far easier for the aggressor. The Kremlin is an expert of such an art of war, as we all know. They learned it from Hitler, of course, too.

    People who want to live in a free Ukraine will need to stick together today so that they can repel the rumoured invasion by the Kremlin. The Kremlin wants Ukraine to postpone the planned presidential election of May and, if possible, reinstate the massacrer of Kyiv, V. Yanukovich as president, which is totally unacceptable to normal Ukrainian voters.
    The weak men are already shaking, apparently, and are now cooperating the Kremlin. They are the weak because they are the divided. What those dishonest men and women want is nothing but small private profit and bribe out of the Kremlin.

    However, as long as the honest people are stuck together, defending their own country, like the small needles (quills) of a porcupine, even a bear runs away. In that case, the aggressor from the Kremlin will not succeed in invasion or in propagandism either.
    Unfortunately, the well known journalists from the self-claimed West are now trying to destroy themselves the way the Kremlin wants. It appears that some of them are being deceived by basic problems such as translation as well. Hopefully, they will correct their own mistakes.

    Although Russia has a large territory, the Russian economy is always fragile due to its hereditary corruption and bureaucracy, despite the gilded appearance of the Kremlin. Its finance is always too weak to support a large scale war today. The very low productivity of the Russian economy always undermines the future economy of Russia, making a long war virtually impossible, not to mention the ongoing economic (especially financial) sanctions.
    For example, the latest and expensive Russian armoured car called Tiger got disabled in Crimea when it hit, not an Ukrainian landmine, but a mere Crimean bus, as was reported recently. If an old bus can stop a newest Russian armoured car, it poses a very serious problem to the Russian military as a whole.

    No one should have expected the new government in Kyiv to act with a perfect military readiness against the Russian interference and the Russian invasion of Crimea. So, the difficult situation in and around Crimea including the Luhansk region was simply unavoidable today. The true problem is whether the honest people of Ukraine and the international community will remain true to freedom and win to survive the ongoing Russian interference.
    If they like, they can spread disinformation and Kremlin propaganda and play into the old and deceptive hands of the Kremlin, of course, if they want to live as slaves again. No one blames them for making such a miserable choice although it will make the murdered people of the EuroMaidan look like idiots.

    Although Russia officially claims it successfully annexed Crimea, Crimea will see serious economic problems soon as long as it remains within the fragile Russian economy. Also, the months-old Russian sabre rattling near the Ukrainian border costs a huge sum for the Kremlin every passing week, as well, to corner the Russian leaders of the Kremlin themselves. The Kremlin leaders are brainwashing themselves with a modern-day version of Stalinism but they are more vulnerable than Stalin.
    In a very large country like Russia, situation is not going to be peaceful for a long time if there is a real military conflict on its western edge. Then, a new popular movement to neutralize the increasingly unwanted neo-Stalinist burden (called the Kremlin of Mr Putin) will emerge within the Russian Federation, without doubt, and the Kremlin will be gone one way or another. This is a hard path, not the easy path like cooperating the Kremlin, but most people in Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere will follow this path, unfortunately.

    At least, the international media reporters, especially those who claim to work for freedom like the Radio Free Europe, need to interview (face to face) and question the so-called occupiers of Luhansk in question and make things clear before they reprint a mere Twitter message in order to discredit the new government in Kyiv.

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