Appeal Of The Right Sector Leader Dmytro Yarosh To The People Of Ukraine

In these moments, in the east of Ukraine, in particular in the cities of Donetsk and Slavyansk, a repeat of the Crimean scenario is transpiring.
Criminal groups encouraged by Moscow have been seizing governmental security and law-enforcement buildings, take police hostage, force security and law-enforcement officials to resign.
This anti-Ukrainian insurgency is supported by some local government officials and because of total inactivity of central authorities (in Kyiv), especially the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVS).

The Kremlin is expecting to occupy eastern regions of Ukraine without minimal resistance from the authorities in Kyiv.

Due to the unfolding situation, I order full mobilization for all structures of the Right Sector and prepare for decisive actions in defense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

I call on all Ukrainian security and law-enforcement agencies to not only stop averting our activities, but also help the Right Sector restore lawful order on the Ukrainian land.

There is a great danger that the current authorities (in Kyiv) will continue the policy of collaboration.

Due to this, I appeal to all citizens of Ukraine to be ready to put pressure on the current government through protests, assemblies, etc.

In the war time, governments should not be criticized. That is right.

But it is also important to remember that in the war time, traitors are executed.

All of the Ukrainian society now must show the greatest unanimity.

Panic, pacifism, hysteria about avoiding provocations, and the need to finding peaceful solution to the situation plays only into the hands of our enemies.

Say Yes to national unity, say Yes to readiness of the decisive resistance to the invaders.

Say No to pacifism and capitulation.

Citizens, organize self-defense units, connect with the Right Sector representatives in the regions and join our forces.

Together we will suppress anti-Ukrainian insurgency and renew territorial integrity of our motherland.

Glory to Ukraine!

9 thoughts on “Appeal Of The Right Sector Leader Dmytro Yarosh To The People Of Ukraine

  1. Up to this day, I doubted the Russian story about fascists.

    Then I saw this video.

    I saw this this guy, his clothes, the red-white-black flag and what he said. Apparently Euromaidan has no issues getting in bed with such people. A friendly note: If Ukraine was a EU member this guy would be hunted down, and all of his supporters too. Traitors will be executed, hu? Death penalty is illegal in the EU. And those people want Ukraine in the EU? What are they up to?

    No I just have to wait what Russia Today will make of this recording.

  2. Reblogged this on rovitothis201 and commented:
    ” I order full mobilization for all structures of the Right Sector and prepare for decisive actions in defense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.” – Dmytro Yarosh, leader of the Right Sector.

  3. When much is at stake, it is normal for emotions to run high–as is evidenced in this “Call to Arms!” of the UA Right Sector. Perhaps as a result of this strongly worded ‘Anti-Terrorist’ tirade, we can now see that the legitimate Government of Ukraine is finally taking Emergency Anti-Terrorist measures (as of 13th April 2014) to quell the crisis in South-Eastern Ukraine. I take my hat off to Dmytro Yarosh for standing up for what he so strongly believes in. This matter is between Ukrainians alone and no longer concerns the EU, the UN, NATO, or the USA as to the survival of mainland Ukraine and it’s national decision to bear arms against a foreign invader. I marvel how tolerant the Ukrainian peoples have been to their belligerent Russian neighbor, especially to the Russian propaganda by Putin’s Ministry of Truth (which in reality is the Department of Propaganda and Lies, taken out of the pages of George Orwell’s classic anti-Soviet book, ‘1984’). Yes, under a War Measures Act, or Patriot Act, or Anti-Terrorist Act, a country–whether Canada, or the USA, or Ukraine has the right to execute people who threaten the stability and survival of National Security. These measures are taken whether the country belongs to EU, NATO, UN, or the Federation Union of Russia. If the Ukraine had invaded Russia with ‘little green men’ the way Russia has invaded Ukraine, we would be witnessing mass genocide! But to the credit of the more civilized, more humane, more understanding, more intellectually developed country of Ukraine, the opposite is occurring as Dmytro Yarosh, the Right Sector leader, has corrected noted: that there is almost a “hysteria about avoiding provocations” with the pro-Russian agitators [who are stirring up all this dust and then complaining that they cannot see]?! Law and Order is paramount to a safe and stable country but there is a price to pay for that stability. During 9/11 in the USA (11th September 2001), the USA set a precedent for all nations to follow: when a country is in danger from outside forces working within that country, then even all planes are grounded, all rights are suspended, until the perpetrators are completely rounded up and rooted out of the country. And so it must be with Ukraine: a state of Martial Law (including curfews) will no doubt be shortly established as that is standard procedure in all countries–including those of the EU–in order to ensure the well-being and protection of its citizens.

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