Man recruited by Russian secret services detained for subversive activity in Kharkiv

The Security Service of Ukraine has detained Citizen “K” for attempting to organize mass riots and for intimidating peaceful civilians in Kharkiv, reports the service’s press center on its website, April 12. The individual was detained for illegal activities described in article 111 (state treason) and article 294, item 1 (riots), of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

It has been established that during his stay in Simferopol in April this year, the Kharkiv resident was recruited by an employee of the Main Intelligence of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which is operating from Crimean territory. The recruited individual was charged with carrying out subversive actions on the territory of Ukraine, the destabilization of eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, as well as terrorizing the civilian population.

As the detainee himself admitted during questioning, the foreign security service added additional assignments, including: organizing groups and participating in mass protests in Kharkiv, providing support for the seizure of administrative buildings and assuring their maintenance for 2-3-day periods, capturing public institutions and depots containing weapons in order to organize armed resistance to law enforcement agencies. He was also tasked with obstructing passage of units of the Ukrainian armed forces to protest venues.

Contact with the foreign intelligence service was organized through e-mails and a mobile phone with a separate calling card.

It was also established that citizen “K” received training for executing the foreign intelligence assignments and that he led a group of 10 people who participated in separatist activities in the Kharkiv region during April 6-8, including the seizure of government state buildings.

Citizen “K” admitted his guilt. Appropriate operational and investigative actions are taking place, the press center statement concludes.

Press Center of the Security Service of Ukraine, April 12, 2014

Translated by AM


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