Medical volunteers: 780 people died on Maidan, Health Minister denies

nebesna-sotnjaSaturday, April 12, 2014, 12:52

Medics who volunteered on Maidan believe that because of the clashes on Maidan Nezalezhnosti and related events, 780 people died. The allegation comes from volunteer medic Anastasiya Polishchuk at a briefing in Kyiv on Thursday, Interfax-Ukrayina reported.

“This number includes 300 people who disappeared from the hospitals (emergency hospitals and other medical institutions); they were taken away and burnt in the crematories. These people have been asked for and have been looked for but can’t be found,” she said.

“There were 200 injured people at the Trade Union’s House (4-8 floors) who couldn’t be moved, they couldn’t see due to brain damage- they were burnt being alive. The bodies were carried away by black VW mini-vans without plates in unknown directions,” Polishshuk stated

By her accounts, 20 of the dead are policemen, Berkut officers and other law enforcement officials.

“The other people are the Heaven’s Hundred which is known to all, and the people found over Maidan’s territory, in the woods, over the city and were identified by the police as not protesters,” she pointed out. She stressed that evidence for more than half of the dead comes from the medical volunteers, so there is no doubt about that figure. The organization of the Maidan’s medics-volunteers believes that the authorities are intentionally concealing the real death toll.

Musiy: Data on 780 deaths on Maidan is a lie and a provocation

Saturday, April 12, 2014, 12:50

The Minister of Health denies 780 people were killed on Maidan and considers this allegation to be provocative. He made this statement in response to a claim by Anastasia Polishchuk, who had been a volunteer physician, that 780 people had died in events related to Maidan in Kyiv.

According to official statistics from the Ministry of Health, as of, since, 105 people died November 30, 2013 and 11 April 2014 in incidents at Maidan Nezalezhnosti and in related events, including 94 people who were killed during clashes on Instytutska Street. Currently, 102 people are being treated at healthcare facilities.

“The Ministry of Health – in the person of the Minister Oleg Musiy, the former head of the medical service of Maidan, who personally saw everyone who was killed during clashes in the center of Kyiv, confirms the official statistics and said that such media reports are untrue and are openly provocative,” a statement read.

According to Musiy, “in the information war with Russia such reports may be viewed as an order by security forces to disorient the world community about the real state of the new political and economic system of Ukraine, in particular, the national health care system.”

The Health Minister urges Ukrainian media to refrain from “disclosing hostile messages that threaten the national security of Ukraine.”

According to the Ministry, from February 18 until today, 1771 people requested medical advice, 1183 of them were hospitalized as a result of clashes in the center of Kyiv.

On Thursday, 23 people sought emergency treatment and 20 of them were hospitalized, added the Ministry of Health.



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