Vitaly Portnikov: Republic of Saboteurs

Vitaly Portnikov: Republic of Saboteurs

Voices of Ukraine

The Peoples’ Republic of Donetsk is no longer needed by either Putin or Akhmetov.

By Vitaly Portnikov
04.08.2014  18:30
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
images-1Yesterday the “Donetsk People’s Republic” was asking for support from Moscow and got itself an entry in Wikipedia as a new state which had suddenly appeared on the political map of Europe. It turns out that today, in accordance with numerous requests from the workers, it disbanded and refused to carry out any referendums on the territory of Donetsk oblast [region] before the proper legal basis had been created.

There is nothing to be surprised about: can you really proclaim a republic, even a people’s pro-Russian republic, in an area occupied by feudal barons? The Prince of Donbas, Rinat Akhmetov talked with the “Republicans” literally on air and promised to talk with the authorities about their demands. For the courageous defenders of the…

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