VITALY PORTNIKOV: The World is Closed for Crimeans

VITALY PORTNIKOV: The World is Closed for Crimeans

Voices of Ukraine

By Vitaly Portnikov
04.11.2014 16:57
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

1397219614_292842_549714071721664_1369421400_nWithin the next several days, most of the population of Crimea will end up sandwiched within the borders of the Russian-occupied peninsula. Crimeans would, of course, be able to move around in Russia proper, but to get anywhere else would be extremely problematic.

It is well-known that almost the whole world does not recognise the occupation of Crimea and the creation of the Crimean Federal Okrug [District]. This means that no visas can be placed into the Russian-issued passports. The citizens of Crimea, as before, must obtain entry visas into the passports of the country of which Crimea is a part – Ukraine. But the Head of the Ministry of Organization of Passport Affairs of the Russian Federal Migration Service, Fedor Karpovets, has already warned that those Crimean citizens who have received Russian passports do not have the right to…

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