Counter-terrorism Operation in Sloviansk

Following a late night session of the National Security Council which discussed anti-terrorism measures and the possibility of introducing a state of emergency, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced a counter-terrorist operation would begin in Sloviansk under the leadership of the Security Service (SBU). The operation is said to include units from all service branches in Ukraine.

Shortly thereafter, Avakov stated that separatists had opened fire on special forces in the city. He then posted a notice to citizens in the city to leave the city center, stay at home, and avoid windows for their own safety.

Riot police were then reported to have cleared a separatist roadblock leading in to the city. Eyewitnesses stated that the Russian tricolor had been also taken down from atop the city administration. Helicopters have been seen flying over the city.

The news follows yesterday’s explosion of armed separatist uprising in the northern Donetk region city of Sloviansk, where masked men in army fatigues and bulletproof vests, armed with assault rifles captured the executive committee building, the police department and SBU office in the city, along with a sizable weapons cache.

The counter-terrorist operation would be the first sign of retaking the Donetsk region, which has thus far been apprehensive to fight back. The last notable operation of its kind took place on April 8 when Jaguar units from Vinnytsia were used in the arrest of 70 separatists in Kharkiv attempting to take over the Regional State Administration building.


2 thoughts on “Counter-terrorism Operation in Sloviansk

  1. Thank God there is finally an effort made to reverse these terrorist activities that have been on-going for weeks now off and on all throughout Ukraine, first with Crimea, and now with South-Eastern Ukraine! I hope that once these pro-Russian pro-Separatist pro-Putin agitators are arrested and put down that there will be a formidable criminal sentence against them. At least 5 to 8 years in prison (or more as lives will likely be lost in this confrontation!). If the fighting reverts to using civilians as live shields and moves from house to house, this will not be an easy or short struggle. The best way to achieve a quick victory is usually to use overwhelming force from the onset to completely confuse and surround the enemy and so put an end to this pro-Russian insanity. Ukrainian people have a right to live in security and safety in their own country–even if Russian citizens wish to live among them. A lot has been said (especially, in Lviv) about Ukrainians who love Russians but hate Putin, but the questions still remains: Do Russians love Ukrainians and hate Putin as well?! There is a wise saying that one should beware the anger of a very patient man. So, likewise, these unwelcome intruders need to learn a fundamental lesson: That even in the most Democratic country in the world, there can be no tolerance permitted for an armed foreign invasion, nor for an outright violation of hospitality in which former (Russian) guests seek to overthrow one’s own country as if they were Good Samaritans?! Glory to Ukraine! Long live the revolution! (Against pro-Russian traitors, such as Yanukovych who–together with his mentor, Putin–have both truly become The REAL Terrorists! ).

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