FB appeal to Kyiv politicians: “You fucked up Crimea, and will fuck up East, South Ukraine, and Kyiv if you don’t react!”

slovianskRevolution – Euromaidan – Right Sector Facebook
For those especially “wise” politicians like Avakov, Parubiy, Turchynov, Yatseniuk, and others, let me explain what is going on in the East of Ukraine. 

The tactics the Moskals [Russians – translator] are employing right now aren’t new. As the map clearly shows, Sloviansk is at a strategically crucial place, where you can easily attack in three directions: Donetsk, Kharkiv, and Dnipropetrovsk. It’s about building up an explosion. At first, they get the Katsap [local Russian – translator] element in Sloviansk worked up (for the time being, the enemy hides behind local cannon fodder). Then an “explosion” takes place – simultaneous attacks in the three directions mentioned above. Planned chaos. There will be no defense against these attacks – there are not enough forces from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there will not be enough time to send them over before intervention occurs, there may be fictitious attacks to distract main forces (and our current Acting Minister of Defense has already wound up surrounded)… In a word, there is a massive number of scenarios. Besides that, a local element (worked up by outside forces) will at a certain point be activated in the middle of Donetsk, Kharkiv, and Dnipropetrovsk. Locally, this “element” at minimum will destabilize the situation, but actually (and this is entirely possible), they will shoot soldiers in the back. The police, too, will do the shooting.

You fucked up Crimea? Right now you can fuck up not just the East of Ukraine, but also the South and Kyiv – because the Kremlin Gremlins indeed aren’t putting on the breaks. You need to react immediately.

What should you do? Seizing police ordinance depots and headquarters means that the terrorists have light weapons – a case where you can give them their own medicine. Bring in the troops and weaponry, and the infantry cleans them the fuck out. 

Update: Besides Sloviansk being important for its location, it has the largest ordnance depots with firearms. A lot of people know about this already, including in the Kremlin, because they have been given military secrets for free. So shit will cross over into our territory without weapons, but it will get them here already, from ordnance depots, new and ready for firing.


Translated by William Risch

4 thoughts on “FB appeal to Kyiv politicians: “You fucked up Crimea, and will fuck up East, South Ukraine, and Kyiv if you don’t react!”

  1. Awesome, grown up and civilised language in this piece. I’m sure Mr Risch’s translation is faithful to the original.
    By the way, hateful militant nationalism “fucked up” Europe last century quite a lot.

    • By the way, how love-ful, non-militant, non-nationalist of Chamberlin and the rest you civilized elite to allow Hitler to start and continue his adventures not so long ago and thereby “un-fuck up Europe… and yes, how awesome, grown up, and civilized of you to point out the choice of words used when a democratic, progressive nation is being torn to pieces by invasion, and your awesome Frau Merkel does diddly-squat about it… indescribably awesome! LOL

      • Yes, imagine reading this and your reaction is to pick on the “bad words” used lol! By using the word fuck it made for zero blathering. Right to the point as the writer intended.

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