In Sloviansk, Crimean “Green Men” Captured Journalists

zeleniSunday, April 13, 2014, 00:46

In Sloviansk, “green men” like those seen at the beginning of the Russian occupation of Crimea, captured Hromadske TV and journalists and forbade them to work in the town, highlighting events under control of the region’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and other protests.

This was reported to Ukrayinska Pravda by the journalists themselves. According to the journalists, the armed men in Slovyansk who took the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, Donetsk Oblast office in Slovyansk, captured them as soon as they approached the territory of the building.

“They led us into the police department and patted us down,” stated the journalists.

After some time they were released from the grounds, forbidden to work, and threatened. According to media, the journalists stated that the armed people who took the MIA building do not resemble “green men” and “are not Russian special forces”.

Together with that, they said that a soldier who patted the press men down stated that the police department of Slovyansk was taken by self-defence from Crimea, and that he himself came from Moscow region.

The original text is on Ukrayinska Pravda at

2 thoughts on “In Sloviansk, Crimean “Green Men” Captured Journalists

  1. This is important in showing Vladamir Putin that he is not God, and that he cannot take over the Ukraine simply because they are basically unarmed, and helpless.

    We must show Vladimir Putin on important thing; that in annexing Crimea, and in destabilizing the entire Balkan region, he is setting in motion a political catastrophe which has wide-ranging and negative consequences, especially for Russia, of which this boycott of Lukoil, the Russian gas company, by the American People of Conscience is just the beginning.

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