Ukraine must stop Putin, says Polish PM

The time has come for the Ukrainian state to act decisively, said the Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, commenting on Ukraine’s launch of the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine, reports Ukrinform.

“Up till now, Ukrainians have been acting rationally, though I don’t how they determined where to draw the red line before moving to a stronger reaction. However, I think that line has been crossed. The moment has come when the Ukrainian government must act decisively to show that it will not accept this kind of behavior,” Tusk said.

He emphasized that he supports the position of Ukrainian authorities on treating the “separatists in eastern Ukraine as terrorists.”

“Putin will stop where Ukraine lets him. This is why Kyiv must take matters into its own hands and decide when it will begin to fight for the territorial integrity of the country and what means it will use,” he said.

According to Tusk, Ukrainians should not expect much support from third parties.

“Do not expect the U.S. or France to do more to defend Ukraine than Ukraine itself,” he said.

He added that no one wants to leave the Russian President Vladimir Putin unpunished, but no one wants a large-scale conflict.

Tusk also said that Ukraine’s actions in Crimea,where it did not fire a single shot, will become “a strong bargaining chip” for the Ukrainian government.

“In the eyes of the international community Ukraine became a country that has done everything possible to avoid conflict,” he concluded.




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