Zaporizhzhia Will Not Wait for ‘Avakov’s Help’ and Will Mobilize on Its Own

Screenshot - 13_04Ukrainska Pravda, 12 April 2014, 22:52
Zaporizhzhia’s self-defense forces announced a Sunday mobilization for the city. Local representatives of Self Defense are getting ready for provocateurs’ arrival in town, Radio Svoboda reports.

People’s Self Defense asks men to support the mobilization announced for Sunday, and they ask them to come to their headquarters in the Regional State Administration (RSA) building at 9 a.m.

As one Zaporizhzhia Self Defense representative said, three days after a block post was set up on the highway to Donets’k, there appeared the first bus with suspicious people in it. A total of four minibuses with young toughs were kept from entering the city.

Self-defense forces also complained that there was no proof State Auto Inspection (DAI) personnel were helping prevent provocateurs from entering Zaporizhzhia, because they often don’t even check the documents of bus and minibus drivers.

Along with this, policemen guarding the block post refused to make any comments.

In Zaporizhzhia, activists supported by the local authorities, with the help of block posts, have been trying to avoid possible provocations from pro-Russian separatists.

Translated by William Risch


Video – courtesy of Radio Svoboda 



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