Dnipropetrovsk promises Putin a “second Stalingrad”

Deputy Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Administration Hennadiy Korban


A special forces battalion called Dnipro is being formed in Dnipropetrovsk, announced Deputy Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Administration Hennadiy Korban, as reported by TSN, April 14. According to Korban, the formation of the battalion will begin this week and the selected soldiers will not represent any political organizations.

Korban said that organizers are especially interested in volunteers with battle experience and previous experience in armed forces or law enforcement agencies. The salary of an ordinary soldier in this elite unit will be not less that the UAH equivalent of US $1,000. A commander’s salary will be the equivalent of US $5,000-10,000. Partial funding will come from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the rest from the Dnipropetrovsk Governor’s team,” he said.

For the post of commander, experienced officers –“Afghans (Ed. veterans of the war in Afghanistan)– will be considered and will be selected according to their military abilities and accomplishments and not on the basis of relationships and connections, Korban explained.

“The battalion will be armed with weapons from warehouses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Operations will be planned and carried out in collaboration with government agencies. The Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Ihor Kolomoysky will have personal control over the actions of the Dnipro special forces battalion ” he said.

“First of all, I want to warn all these so-called ‘green men’ that, in contrast to others, we are not cowards, and any attempt to seize buildings of the Security Service or the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be met immediately with lethal force. Anyone who wants to arrange a war in this region needs to know that Dnipropetrovsk will become a second Stalingrad for them, but this battle will be won by the Ukrainian people,” he said.

As previously reported, Ihor Kolomoysky funded fuel and body armor for military units of the Southern Operational Command in March.

Source: http://tsn.ua/politika/u-dnipropetrovsku-obicyayut-vlashtuvati-zelenim-cholovichkam-drugiy-stalingrad-345092.html

Translated by Anna Mostovych



6 thoughts on “Dnipropetrovsk promises Putin a “second Stalingrad”

  1. Slava Ukrainye! Let all Ukraine stand up like this for her unity, independence, freedom of self-determination, and freedom from tyranny. If you want to live in a better country, stand up NOW, join hands with your countrymen all across Ukraine and repel invaders and paid separatists. Anyone who will take money to undermine Ukraine’s fragile struggle forward to a better life does not deserve to live there any longer. Go home to the bosom of your father Putin, and tell us in five years how much better your life is, how free your speech, how safe you are from the police robbing you on the streets, how much say you have in your government. None at all. Meanwhile, your discarded Ukraine will be moving forward toward sunlit lands, taking her rightful place among the free, prosperous people of the world, without you and Putin.

    Hands off Ukraine.

  2. Akmhetov, Timoshenko and others show Ukraine the money…they gave you enough already….your country needs you….your people have died for your freedom(s) I have little but have donated already, and I am not even Ukrainian.

    • John,
      I echo your call. I too have given, though I am not Ukrainian, and have comparatively little.

      It is time for wealthy Ukrainians to stop playing games, trying to protect their little fiefdoms and amassed fortunes. Either step forward now to help protect and unite Ukraine, placing the good of the many above the good of the few, and embrace a diminished but honorable place in Ukrainian society. Or, attempt to cling to your corrupt power structures and protect your money making schemes, and know that you, wealthy plunderers, will be recognized as part of the rot that must be cut out of the Ukrainian flesh, like Yanukovitch and his “family,” before true healing and new growth can begin.

      Step up, or clear out. There is no longer any middle ground. Maidan is not going away. It is inside all of us. Everywhere.

      Slava Ukrainye.

  3. Ukraine is turning to be a comedy. The biggest casualty is the Western propaganda machine because not only are the Western media not credible anymore (all the top American newspapers are tottering into bankruptcy not because of the internet but because nobody respects them anymore, & only 25% of the Americans believe TV news) & did you notice, all the English propaganda on Ukraine are barely read? I actually read your blog now not because I find it worthy, but because I find it’s easy to search for something to laugh about here- like a cartoon. Though after two days, it has gone stale. It has become corny. One can only take so much drivel. As the US & EU are tottering into bankruptcy, which just ensures Ukraine will be part of the Russian sphere anyway- the propagandists here should start looking for a job. Well, thanks for a few chuckle- I enjoyed laughing at the thought the Ukrainians are even worthy of having a country. I am actually rooting for Putin to take the whole country.

    • Nick you are a sick paid Putin troll. In the end no matter what Putler does…Truth, Justice and Ukraine will win. Russian people are sure to wake up one day and realize what evil the Putin regime has brought on to them and they will revolt against them. US media is far less biased than Russian which is pure lies, misinformation and propaganda about Ukraine. You will lose. You may have to go to hell laughing.

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