Russian Subversion Group Communication Leak From Sloviansk, Eastern Ukraine – VIDEO with subs

The Security Service of Ukraine has wiretapped the conversation of the Russian subversion group in Sloviansk with their leadership.

The SBU uploaded this audio on its Youtube channel.

“Documents from the Security Service of Ukraine indicate that in the Eastern part of Ukraine a large-scale military aggression of the Russian Federation is taking place, carried out by GRU reconnaissance and sabotage groups of the General Staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation,” Ukrainska Pravda quotes SBU’s message.

According to the SBU, these groups are using heavy weapons, seize the building of law enforcement agencies, public authorities, and local governments. “The purpose of these subversive groups is to terrorize the local population, to upset the USA-EU-Russia negotiations in Ukraine, and to destroy Ukrainian law enforcement agencies,” notes in the SBU.

The ministry assured that activities to document the criminal activities of these groups are being carried out.

Transcript of the video

Communication of the subversion group of Main Intelligence Directorate of Russian Armed Forces. Sloviansk, April 13, 2014
Codename “Nose” to “Adler”: – You will be approached by a civilian named Valera
Give him 4-5-6 cases of cartridges for 5.45 caliber riffles – 10 cases if you have
– How many rifles does he need? – Give him 5.
Codename”Shooter” to “Agat”: – Hi, Ivanych, we blocked the road but there are 5 more roads that we can be attacked from rear.
– Arrange surveillance on those
– How can we do that, there is only 10 of us here, 7 with weapon?
– Ok, I will send you some support. Where to? Which street?
– What is the name of this street? (talking to the passing by people) – Its Svobody Street.
– Why is there only 10 of you? Where are my men? Where is my unit?
– I do not know. They aren’t here. I only took levies with me and the leader
– I understood you. Do not hang up.
– Pasha, remember: we have another unit in town
They we be going back. Do not get confused… You got me, right?
There may be other groups coming and leaving, do not start shooting immediately..
Codename “Shooter” (Russian Phonenumber +79031362080) – Can I have “Shooter” on the phone? – Who is calling? — It’s Alexander. He knows.
– One moment. (talks to the side: Some Alexander from Russia is calling to Pasha’s handy)
– What your current status? – Well, we have fought the first attack off. They ran into our men
And incurred significant losses. We don’t even know whom we have crushed, but that was someone big…
– I got you. Great. There will be a group with combat experience heading to you from Luhansk.
– Ok. But they should bear in mind, all roads are blocked, they will have to break through.
– I know. They will at least assault the block posts on the way
– I need more info on whom we crushed earlier. We have crushed some significant group.
Very significant. With some significant people.
My men have done excellent. A+
Not all have returned yet, the main group returned with no losses
But since the men keep quiet in the air, you know, there is no way to contact them now
– Ok. I will be heading to Luhansk and from there with other units to you
– All right, go ahead. We will last for several more days, of course. Tell them to take more antiarmour weapon with them.
Should we had those we would have been haunting the enemies past Mozhaisk by now.
– I want to coordinate you with live channel of LIFENEWS from Moscow. I will give them this number, they will call you. LIFENEWS.
– Are you sure I need to do this? – Do not identify youself.
– Or take your deputy guy, the one with Ukrainian accent.
And have him identify himself as deputy chief and clearly explain the situation
That everything is fine, enemies backed off with big losses. And we have no loss.
And that your demands are: immeadiate federalization of Ukraine, Governor’s election latest 25th of the month,
and that the Rada (Parliament) cannot further take exernal credits without approval by 2/3 votes from the Region. This is essential.
– Ok, we heard you. He will say that all on the phone.
Report of the chief of the sabotage unit to Main Intelligence Directorate of Russian Armed Forces.
Codename “Shooter” (Number +79031362080) – Call “Shooter” to the phone. Urgent. – Goodday, Konstantin Valerievich!
So we have fought the first attack off. The enemy retreated on all directions with significant losses.
Significant losses are how many?
They ran into our trap. Our unit shot down 3 VIP class vehicles in which they were moving.
We shot dead everyone in the vehicles. Inclusive the guards. Almost everyone.
Have you reported to Aksenov?
No, not yet. I have not managed to establish connection with him by now. So if you have a chance, please,…
Ok, keep trying to contact him. I am meeting with him tomorrow here, he flies in tonight.
We will talk to him, but you also keep trying to reach him and report.
-Yes, sir. Sure.
– And further reconnaissance… As you can figure out yourself, the whole world is watching
at this particular spot on the map. So you do not need to do anything genius.
– I understand. I wanted to let you know, we have not left any positions. They lie. All positions in Kramatorsk are under our control.
Konstantin Valerievich, please, could you identify whom exactlyy we have shot.
We recieve very conflicting information on that: one says it was Alpha unit, others – it was Ukrainian intelligence
I can only provide the official information: it was the chief of Ukraine’s Anti-terrorism Center.
– Killed? – They say injured. Avakov said, he (the chief) was injured. So you assaulted the right target.
– Great! Thank you. – That’s all. I want to wish you great holidays (Palm Sunday).
(both laughing) – Thank you, sir. We were trying…

6 thoughts on “Russian Subversion Group Communication Leak From Sloviansk, Eastern Ukraine – VIDEO with subs

  1. Can you tell if these are Russians from Russia as opposed to Ukrainian Ethnic Russians? One talks about having someone who sounds Ukrainian speak to LifeNews Moscow.

  2. Latest news reports out of Kyiv suggest that the Maidan people are apparently angry (or frustrated, at least) and are protesting outside the Rada parliament at the moment. They are so frustrated (and maybe agitated) that they demand the interim president to resign and so on, according to reports. A new post here also suggests an experienced scholar, Robert van Voren, is also frustrated now.

    Those things are, however, not unusual in a difficult situation like today although a new split among the honest people of Ukraine will not help them. A split will help the Kremlin, of course, in a turbulent moment like today.
    So the Ukrainian people who value the freedom they have won may have to watch their back, before they let the Kremlin profit from the current chaotic situation in Kyiv and the E-Ukraine. In the E-Ukraine, ordinary people are mostly silent because of the state terror forces (old and new) who occupy the new authority down there so they need help from Kyiv and the Maidan.

    The latest revelation here over the telephone or radio communication between the separatist force of Donetsk (apparently) and the Kremlin revealed enough truth already. And the conversation above said that the new Anti-terror Centre chief was murdered by the separatists, unfortunately. If this is true, the new leadership of Kyiv has suffered a very huge loss, of course. Indeed, the terrorist operation by the separatist force and the Kremlin (talked about loudly above on air) succeeded today, if the Kremlin information in the conversation is true.

    Maybe this is why the interim President has had to postpone his anti-terror operation in there, despite the ultimatum he set. Loss of your anti-terror commander is an unimaginable problem, indeed. Maybe he is now regrouping and reorganizing his anti-terror command so that he can finally launch the mop-up operation of the criminal elements who took over the E-Ukraine. So, hopefully, the honest people of Ukraine who fought for freedom remain patient for the time being.

    • I myself posted the comment above, not any imposter with the name “Freedomo” for_all.
      My fingers were already tired back then. LOL

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