Russian terrorist-saboteur numbers grow in Donetsk Oblast

The number of Russian terrorist-saboteurs in Donetsk Oblast is steadily growing, says territory is growing on, Interfax Ukraine reports Vasyl Krutov, the leader of SBU Anti-Terrorist Center as saying.

“On Sunday, there were 150 so-called ‘green men’ [unmarked Russian military]; on Monday there were 300 more them,” said Krutov at a briefing in the military air base the night of April 15. “I’m not telling how much it was before. How many there will be tomorrow is anybody’s guess. For a professional, crossing our border is as easy as going to the movies for you and me.”

Krutov admitted that Ukraine’s military are facing a really challenging situation. “We are dealing with really a serious, really skilled, really professional opponent,” he noted. “We have to acknowledge to their level of preparation, tactics and experience: these are men who have been in the hottest spots both at home and around the world.”

The director of the anti-terrorist center explained that the anti-terrorist operation taking place in Eastern Ukraine is aimed at curbing aggressiveness, not on killing people. He reported that the subduing of an attempt to capture the Kramatorsk military airfield was successful and there were no victims.

“Our goal is not revenge or cause physical damage to these people,” Krutov went on. “We are carrying out targeted, clearly focused actions only, and not looking to injure or kill.” The main goal is to stabilize situation in the country.”

“This work is intended only to bring peace, to bring peace and quiet to our country…” the special forces commander said. “We will do everything we can to stabilize the situation and to bring peace to our citizens.”

As reported, the SBU, Ukraine’s security service, established the identity of the leader of the Russian group of terrorist-saboteurs who carried out the operation in Sloviansk as Igor Streltsov, a citizen of the Russian Federation and a special forces officer of the GRU General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.


Translated by Olexii Pivtorak, edited by Lidia Wolanski

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