Ukraine’s Defense Ministry confirms loss of 6 armored vehicles


The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has finally confirmed the loss of armored vehicles in Kramatorsk. Six BMD armored vehicles were captured today and transported to Slovyansk, the MOD press service confirmed to Espreso.TV, April 16.

“Today, April 16, six BMD armored vehicles entered the city of Kramatorsk in the Donetsk Oblast. These were vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine used as part of the anti-terrorist operation. Local residents and representatives of Russian subversive and terrorist groups blocked the advance of the vehicle column. As a result of the blockage, extremists succeeded in seizing the vehicles, which then proceeded in the direction of Slovyansk.,” the press statement reports.

As of 15:00, April 16, the armored vehicles are positioned near one of the administrative buildings in the center of Slovyansk. Nearby are armored individuals in uniform, but who have no connection to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, MOD reports.

The MOD specified it is currently collecting information on the whereabouts of the Ukrainian military. personnel.

Early on April 16, Espreso.TV reported on the capture of the column of 6 armored vehicles and its relocation to Slovyansk under Russian flags and posted a corresponding video.

However the MOD denied this information, claiming the video was a fake. It continued to clarify the fate of the BMD armored vehicles throughout the day. Meanwhile, the leader of the Batkivshchyna faction in Parliament, Serhiy Sobolyev, announced that the Ukrainian military entered Kramatorsk in the Donetsk Oblast on BMDs under Russian flags in an attempt to use “partisan methods to enter the city.”

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