Ukraine’s parliament has begun a closed session with the heads of security agencies

A Ukrinform correspondent says that people’s representatives and the heads of the security agencies will discuss the situation in Ukraine with respect to the threat to the territorial integrity and constitutional order of the state. Security Service of Ukraine chairman Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, acting Defense Minister Mykhailo Koval, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, and acting Prosecutor General Oleg Mahnitskyy will report.

In the first reading following the closed portion of the session, the MPs plan to consider the bill to amend the law of Ukraine ‘On the Social and Legal Protection of Servicemen and their Families’ (concerning guarantees during this particular period), a bill on additional measures for strengthening the security of Ukraine in the face of the Russian Federation’s aggression. In addition, they will decide on issues discussed earlier, including the bill ‘On the Capital of Ukraine, Hero City Kyiv,’ under which only the person elected Mayor of Kyiv could be appointed head of Kyiv City State Administration, and which would provide the mayor of Kyiv with opportunities to influence the development of the city. In the second reading, the MPs plan to approve a bill restoring the rights of persons deported on ethnic grounds, and to reconsider proposals to the president on the law ‘On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding Establishing an Inheritance.’

Translated by Olexii Pivtorak, edited by Robin Rohrback



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