Dnipropetrovsk launches new approach to separatists

The Deputy Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Boris Filatov is proposing new methods for dealing with separatists by providing financial incentives for good citizenship and by forming a regional anti-terrorist military force.

The first units of the Dnipro special forces battalion have been formed and are ready for combat missions. Roadblocks have been set up, Filatov writes on Facebook, April 16, as reported by Expreso.TV.

“I have thought a lot about the events in Donetsk and Luhansk,” Filatov writes. “There is only one conclusion — it’s a revolution of poverty. It’s the mutiny of tired, frustrated people, ignored by those in power. The Yanukovych clique, after plunging our fellow citizens into the abyss of despair, is today provoking them toward separatism. They are distributing money stolen from the people while promising them a future as part of a neighboring hostile country.”

“Our Russian-speaking brothers from Donbas have become confused,” he explains. “They have lost direction and have allowed themselves to be bought for sweet promises. We have a proposition. We will pay a reward for every gun that is turned in. An automatic will receive US $1,000, a machine gun, US $1,500, and a grenade, $2,000, ” he writes.

For each “green man” that is turned in, the reward will be $10,000, Filatov adds. “After all, he is a mercenary who stepped on our common soil to try to push us into a fratricidal war. For each building that is freed and turned over to local authorities and placed under the guard of the Dnipro battalion of the Donbas special squadron, the reward will be US $200,000. Moreover, the local community will continue to have free access at any time,” he says.

Filatov adds that all the details of the initiative as well as contact phone numbers will be made public on April 17 in a special announcement by the National Defense Command.

As previously reported, the Dnipro special forces battalion is being formed in Dnipropetrovsk, consisting of highly trained and experienced soldiers. It is partly funded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with the remaining funds provided by Dnipropetrovsk Governor Ihor Kolomoysky and his team.

Source: http://espreso.tv/news/2014/04/17/ochilnyky_dnipropetrovschyny_obicyayut_za_kozhnoho_rosiyskoho_dyversanta_10_000_uo__i_1000_ue_za_avtomat61

Translated by Anna Mostovych

5 thoughts on “Dnipropetrovsk launches new approach to separatists

  1. Maybe it is also important for the new government in Kyiv as well as the West to fix some loopholes in the economic sanctions against the Russian officials, banks and so on.

    Reports suggested already that some of the Russian banks under the economic sanctions by the US and the EU are still allowed to run business (business as usual) in the Ukrainian financial market.
    This is the most serious problem for the economic sanction efforts imposed by the friends of Ukraine.
    This kind of loopholes needs to be fixed and the Russian banks under the sanction need to be regulated properly before it is too late.

  2. Boris Filatov, Deputy Governor of Dnipropetrovsk, speaking no doubt for the Governor, Ihor Kolomoysky (who is partly funding these expenses), has opened an interesting can of worms. Granted that ‘money talks’ and if you have enough money you can do virtually anything, we now have a slippery slope situation. Now that money is offered for handing in weapons (an acceptable form of gun control), the tension now begins to mount as bounty hunters are being requested to hand in these unidentified ‘little green men’ (from the planet Mars?!) perhaps ‘Dead or Alive’?! It’s unclear how these ‘green men’ will be delivered to the proper authorities (over the back of a horse, Wild West style?!). But I sense the gravity of the situation in Donbas as well as throughout the South of UKraine,which is spreading like a wild fire. Of course, the gist of these ‘rewards’ for men or buildings is to cause a mutiny among the mutineers–these mercenaries (born in or out of Ukraine) who care little for Ukraine or it’s heritage, or its people, but simply want money (the ‘Revolution of Poverty’?!). The key problem remains, as I see it, that there is underneath all of Putin’s little green ants running around South Ukraine–a lot of mafia control. This Mafia control (as I understand Mafia) has a creed of it’s own: double-cross us and you and your loved ones will sleep next to a horse’s head! (as in ‘The Godfather’ movie series). In the USA where there is a lot of gang-controlled crime, the City Officials allow their citizens to purchase (and register) firearms to protect themselves from gangsters, as the Police are ineffective in certain areas (of at least 7 main Cities in the USA). The thinking is that if the Police cannot protect their own citizens, then the citizens should be allowed to protect themselves. If the policy of the Ukrainian Government is to remove all firearms from its citizenry yet not be able to adequately protect them from these Mafia gangsters who work together with the ‘little green men’ [who have invaded Ukraine in alarming numbers (as professional soldiers)], then how can the Ukrainian people respect their Government any longer?! They say the best way to ensure that your child will grow up to become a thief is to make him beg every time he needs some money. Likewise the best way for a Government to ensure that its citizens capitulate to the enemy is to deny them the means to protect themselves from that enemy (assuming that their own Government is not able or willing to do so.) All in all, we have a slippery slope: for if the Government of the people offers money for the head of this or that person, then soon a higher bidder will offer the same for the head of the Government. The USA offered $25 million for the head of Osama Bin Laden. Perhaps the same will be offered for Viktor Putin one day (now arguably the world’s greatest Terrorist)?! And lest we forget: Viktor Yanukovych (and his two ne’er-do-well sons) should each be offered a tidy sum: perhaps $500,000 USD Dead or Alive?! Hmmm?! What have we begun now?! Soon bounty hunters will come from all over the world simply to hunt one of these ‘little green men’ or perhaps a dozen or more of them?! Think of it?! What will now happen to the ‘rule of law’?! Will Ukraine become as ruthless as it’s neighbor to the East?! Why not then, (to push the argument, one step further:) arrange an Agreement with China (who badly needs Ukrainian grain for months now!) and agree to barter Ukrainian grain for military weapons (as the West including the USA have declined to assist Ukraine in this delicate matter)?! And as China desperately needs Lebenstraum (‘living space’), why not agree with China to divide up Russia (with China’s help?) so that China can finally have those parts of Russia it has been eyeing for some time now?! After all, Russia as the world’s largest country can certainly afford to surrender huge sections of its land mass that share the Chinese border (and China is greatly over-populated)?! But I am simply creating an Academic Argument (i.e., an argument for the sake of an argument): Ukraine would never betray it’s neighbor to the East to save it’s soul, now would it?! And China would never betray its loyalty to Russia (to sell arms to Ukraine), now would it?! And the Dnipro Special Forces Battalion would never pay real money for these ‘little green men’ (or for Viktor Yanukovych)–” WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE!”, now would they?! … Or, would they?!

  3. You should be fighting the Oligarchs’s – not each other.. The French understood to change they all had to die – each and every single one of these evil bourgeoisie scumbags – business people, politicians, judges, every single one of them is against the people.. your country is doomed because you are all blind to the ‘real’ enemy; attack industry, banks, big business – pull them down and then, you will very quickly see the truth of how pathetic you all are… ruled by mafia and organized crime like weak limbed surfs – utterly pathetic! Look at that task force these idiots sent – utterly humiliating joke…fight the real enemy not each other and change your country or stay serfs under the boots of monsters.

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