Three pro-Russian assailants killed during an operation against a military base in Mariupol

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov reported that the police in Mariupol “had conducted an operation to localize a gang of 300 assailants.”

During the night of April 16-17, unidentified armed attackers stormed military base 3057.
“There are no losses among our servicemen. According to preliminary information, 3 assailants were killed, 13 were wounded and 63 have been detained. Their weapons were confiscated. Their communication devices and mobiles are connected to Russian operators. We’re currently proceeding with the identification of the attackers.” wrote Mr. Avakov on his Facebook page.

“The National Guard of Ukraine fired warning shots as soon as the attackers opened fire on the guards and started throwing incendiary bombs and Molotov cocktails at the military base. Then, following procedures, after firing warning shots and repeated attacks by the assailants, the National Guard soldiers opened fire.” stated the Minister. He says the operation is currently underway and the streets of Mariupol are patrolled by the police.

The National Guard of Ukraine posted a more detailed report on its site: “Around 20:00 on April 16, locals began to gather at the checkpoint to the Mariupol Battalion of Internal Forces. Senior officers came out to find out what the matter was. The crowd presented the officers with an ultimatum: either they “go over to the people” or in 15 minutes the base would come under attack. The officers explained to them that this base was a closed, off-limits military unit where unauthorized individuals were strictly prohibited entry. Otherwise, the military police had the right to use physical restraint, special measures and, in extreme instances, weapons.”

The Director of the Centre for Political and Military Studies, Dmytro Tymchuk wrote on his Facebook page that Ukrainian troops opened fire and repulsed two attacks.
“According to our information, the assailants are not Russian soldiers, but militants from local separatist groups who have basic military training and are dressed in unmarked uniforms.” wrote Mr. Tymchuk .

Translated by Christine Chraibi


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