News from Israel: the good, the bad and some advice

Former residents of Ukraine and Israeli Defense Forces members want their Ukrainian friends to know a few things: the good, the bad and some advice.

Voices of Ukraine

By Eugene Spezhakov, Zaporyzhia, Ukraine
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

My friends: some former residents of Ukraine asked me to relay the good news, bad news, and a word of advice:

Good news. Almost all of them served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), including the women. They could not believe for a very long time that ever since Euromaidan, Jews and Ukrainian nationalists stand together there, that the latter protected synagogues from provocations, that the “Right Sector’s” word, “Zhydo-Banderite” is considered synonymous with a Ukrainian knight that is fighting for a free and independent Ukraine. Finally, they believe it.

Now they are ready at any time, if the Israeli government makes the decision, to pack their suitcases, come to Ukraine and help create a new Ukrainian army. They say: we succeeded in Singapore, the devil only knows where or how. And Ukraine is our homeland after…

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