The Honest Russians’ Appeal to the People of Ukraine

10149831_733858919968471_2977595755901909314_nDear sisters and brothers,

In this horrible moment of time, we would like to address you with much pain in our hearts.

The ruling regime of Russia has crossed the last line in its progressing immorality. Without declaring war, it has started military operations in Ukraine. In the beginning of this past March, the Russian army occupied Crimea, and now it is attempting to seize the southeastern part of your country. During these operations, the special operations paratroopers from Russia hide their nationality and their faces, acting as the “little green men.” This is a shame for any combat troops. It is a shame for Russia and her Armed Forces. Never before did Russian soldiers hide behind a human shield. Even today no Russian soldier would do that, but the regime forces him to commit crimes against his brothers and against his own honor and dignity.

In order to occupy Ukrainian land and to annex a part of Ukraine, the Russian authorities use absolutely false slogans, crying about alleged “cruel oppression” of the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine by the government in Kyiv. They also spread a lie that this past February, the power in Ukraine was usurped by Fascists and radical Banderite nationalists. We clearly understand that the former president of Ukraine Yanukovych, himself being a native of Eastern Ukraine, would never “oppress” his fellow Russian-speaking Eastern Ukrainians more than the people in the Western part of your country. He and his inner circle oppressed all Ukrainian citizens equally, by embezzling enormous sums of their money and turning the country that potentially was the richest in Europe into the country of paupers with no rights, sometimes forcing them to leave Ukraine and to look for a piece of bread abroad. We also very clearly realize that the government of today’s Ukraine in Kyiv, which was recognized by almost every country in the world, is not Fascist or ultra-Nationalist. This government started to manage Ukraine using a constant, ongoing dialogue with its citizens. It strives to make Ukraine a stable, democratic state.

We also very clearly realize that Ukraine, as one of the independent countries that formed after the collapse of the USSR, never, not even once, seized even an inch of land outside of the borders established by international treaties and inherited from the USSR. The present-day Russian Federation by no means is the sole heir of the country that used to be our common country. The land of Crimea (including the city of Sevastopol), the land of Donbas and any piece of the historical Russia is generously watered by the sweat and the blood of all ethnicities who lived in that historical Russia. All of them worked on it and all of them defended it. The statement of Mr. Putin that Crimea is now “re-united” with Russia is merely a false slogan. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan might also, by this logic, become “re-united” with Russia because they were, indeed, regions within the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic until 1936. And then Finland and Poland might be “re-united,” because they were parts of the Russian Empire until 1917!

We believe that the agreement of December 8, 1991 about the creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States must be respected and followed. The fifth article of this agreement says that “the honorable partners of the Commonwealth recognize and respect each other’s territorial integrity and the existing borders.” The same principle is documented by the second article of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, signed on May 31, 1997. Finally, this same principle features in the articles third and fourth of the concluding document of the Helsinki summit of the Organization for Security of the countries of the European Union.

Today, treacherously breaking these, and a number of other international treaties, trampling her own signature under them, the Russian Federation, or, more precisely, the regime that seized power in it, carries out an in-your-face aggression against you, Ukrainians, with an outrageous cynicism. You are close to us, we – you and us Russians – should be brothers. But our rulers despise you and lecture you about your social order, your Constitution, your laws, urging you to change all these the way they, the Russian rulers, want. The current Russian regime, however, forgets that its legitimacy even over Russia is very dubious, because in Russia today, there are no open and fair elections at every level, including the presidential elections. Instead, all results of all elections are routinely falsified. So how can Russia push her will down another sovereign country’s throat?

We are disgusted by these actions of our authorities. We suffer from the shame in which they drag our country in front of the entire world community. We realize that we are becoming a rogue state, which has all the terrible economic and political consequences.

That’s why we want to declare to you, our dear Ukrainian sisters and brothers, with all possible strength: by standing up for your freedom, for your country’s integrity, – you also stand up for our country, Russia, for the freedom of our nation.
In this just fight – we are with you!

Signed: Lyudmila Alekseeva, Andrei Zubov, Mikhail Kasianov, Georgiy Satarov, Lilia Shevtsova


Translated by George Pinchuk


7 thoughts on “The Honest Russians’ Appeal to the People of Ukraine

    Любви, надежды, тихой славы
    Недолго нежил нас обман,
    Исчезли юные забавы,
    Как сон, как утренний туман;
    Но в нас горит еще желанье,
    Под гнетом власти роковой
    Нетерпеливою душой
    Отчизны внемлем призыванье.
    Мы ждем с томленьем упованья
    Минуты вольности святой,
    Как ждет любовник молодой
    Минуты верного свиданья.
    Пока свободою горим,
    Пока сердца для чести живы,
    Мой друг, отчизне посвятим
    Души прекрасные порывы!
    Товарищ, верь: взойдет она,
    Звезда пленительного счастья,
    Россия вспрянет ото сна,
    И на обломках самовластья
    Напишут наши имена!

  2. Thank you, honest and honorable citizens of Russia!! This is one of the most honest, wise and responsible statements I have heard from anyone, anywhere about the situation in Ukraine and in the halls of government in Russia. It is such a relief to hear it come from Russians themselves. With close family in Russia, I have been so worried by these latest developments, and the line between the hearts of the Russian people and the actions if the Russian government is ever clearer to me. Now, the people of Russia (or at least some of them) proclaim this divide to the world. It does my heart good. Thank you!
    Glory to the true patriots of Russia.

  3. Открытое письмо для мирового сообщества и иранских граждан

    Уважаемые иранские друзья!

    Мы, мусульманки украинского происхождения обеспокоены политической ситуацией на Украине, и считаем своим долгом показать реальную остановку в стране и наше видение.
    Хотим напомнить, что Украина является географическим центром Европы, многонациональна и представлена различными религиозными конфессиями, основные из которых христианство и мусульманство. Так как мы представители мусульманского общества, то не можем быть равнодушными к положению мусульман Крыма, коренного населения полуострова. В связи с аннексией Крыма к России, крымчане вынуждены иммигрировать со своих исконных земель и принудительно изменять гражданство, чтобы не стать беженцами. А татары- это исторически народ Украины. Как и иранцы, они считают родину своей матерью. Так отделение татар от Украины равносильно, как забрать ребенка от матери.
    Со времен второй мировой войны в Украине не было конфликтов на национальной и религиозной почве. И не была инициатором агрессии к другим странам и национальностям. Начало, которое положило Россия с Крымом, дестабилизировало ситуацию в стране, особенно в юго-восточных областях. Мы не можем отрицать, что население юго-востока в большинстве русско-говорящее, и что есть люди, которые тяготеют к России. Но согласно Конституции Украины и Ирана – этнические меньшинства не имеют права на изменение территориальной целостности страны, а тем более провозглашать отдельные государства в государстве или присоединяться к территории другого государства, к примеру, Луганск к России или как бы в Иране попросился бы восточный Азербайджан к Азербайджану. Поэтому вы понимаете, что такая ситуация создала прицендент для других многонациональных стран и небезопасен для международного сообщества и является угрозой стабильности миропорядку.
    Народ Украины как на западе, и на востоке, на фоне последних событий сплотился вокруг идеи национальной целостности и незыблемости суверенитета.
    Вы должны понимать, что своими лозунгами Россия возрождает коммунистическую империю на границе с Ираном. И не будет ли так, что нарушив международное право не единожды, когда Москва окрепнет, диктовать потом другим странам право, выправленное под себя? Когда звучат от России реплики, что за украинским майданом стоит Америка, так Украина не против битвы России с США, лучше чем, будет драться Россия с Украиной на своей территории.
    Когда Иран говорит что вес его страны вырос в мировом сообществе после прогресса в ядерных разработках, Украина тоже возвращается к мысли не вернуть ли статус ядерной державы. А ведь недавно гарантом территориальной целости выступала Россия.
    Пока просим вас сравнить и такие моменты по поводу кто вмешивается в дела Украины США или Россия :
    1. США выступают за суверенитет, а Россия аннексировала Крым и призывает в федерализации
    2. Чьи войска уже на территории Украины?

    Если мировое сообщество и Наша страна Иран позволит России захватить военным способом земли Украины, то следующими будут Белорусия, Казахстан, Узбекистан…. В итоге мир вернется в период существования СССР.

  4. Open letter to the international community and Iranian citizens. Dear Iranian friends! We are Muslim Ukrainian women are concerned with the political situation in Ukraine, and it is our duty to show the real situation in the country and our view on it. Reminding, that Ukraine geographically is the center of Europe. It is multinational country, representing various religious faiths; with Christianity and Islam are dominating among them. Since we are the representing the Muslim society, we cannot be indifferent to the situation of Muslims of Crimea , the indigenous population of the peninsula. In relation with the annexation of the Crimea by Russia, Crimeans are now forced to emigrate from their homelands and forcibly pushed to change citizenship, to avoid become refugees. And it happens to Crimean Tatar people, who are historically are citizens of Ukraine. Same with Iranians, they believe their home is in their mother land. The separation the Crimean Tatars from Ukraine is equivalently to taking a child from its mother. Since the Second World War in Ukraine there were no conflicts on ethnic or religious grounds. Also Ukraine was not an initiator of aggression towards other countries and nationalities. By invading the Crimea, Russia initiated the start of destabilization in Ukraine, especially in the south- eastern regions. We cannot deny that the population of the south-east are most Russian -speaking, and that there are some people who gravitate toward Russia. But accordingly to the Constitution of Ukraine and Iran are ethnic minorities do not have rights to change the territorial integrity of the country, and especially to proclaim separate state within a state, nor to join the territory of another country. For example, if Lugansk to join Russia or as in Iran, if would be asked by eastern Azerbaijan to join Azerbaijan. It is understandable, that this situation has created a precedent for other multinational countries and threat to the stability of the world order. Ukrainian people both in the west and in the east, on the base of recent events rallied around the idea of national integrity and inviolability of sovereignty. You need to understand that Russia is working toward reviving a communist empire just near the border of Iran. And would it be that after continuous violating international laws, then, when Moscow becomes stronger, it will be dictating its own, adjusted for itself, rules to other countries?
    When Russia throws a replica about Ukrainian Maidan, that behind it stands America, minding, that the battle is not against Ukraine, but between Russia and the USA, they attempt to claim that it is better for Russia to fight with Ukraine on its territory. Looking at Iran saying that the weight of his country in the world community increased with progress in nuclear development, Ukraine also thinks of returning its nuclear power status. And it happens because just recently Russia was the guarantor of their territorial integrity. We are asking you to compare those moments, about who intervenes in Ukraine affairs, Russia or the United States: 1. U.S. stands for sovereignty, and Russia annexed the Crimea, and, calls for federalization of Ukraine 2 . Whose troops are invaded the territory of Ukraine? If the international community and our country Iran will allow Russia to seize land of Ukraine by military means, the following will be Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan…. At the end, the world will return to the state as during the period of Soviet Union.

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