Crimean Residents Will Have to Verify Their Diplomas in Russia

According to an announcement posted on the official website of Russia’s Ministry of Education and Science, Crimean residents who wish to
have the validity of their diplomas recognized will need to go through a recognition procedure, sending an application with a package of documents confirming their completion of education to the Service for Educational Supervision. This requirement applies only to those residents who received their diplomas in 1992-2000. 

Presently, the residents of Crimea who received their education in Ukraine are subject to the general procedure for recognition of foreign degrees and qualifications. “There is a number of mutual recognition treaties between Russia and Ukraine. These treaties apply to government-approved educational documents, academic degrees, and academic titles; however, they do not extend to documents that were issued in Ukraine between May 16, 1992 and May 26, 2000”, reads the announcement. Thus, any documents received by the Crimean residents outside of the stated period are automatically recognized in Russia. Those documents issued during 1992-2000 will be recognize as valid only after receiving a positive evaluation and issuance of a recognition certificate.


Translated by: Olga Ruda


1 thought on “Crimean Residents Will Have to Verify Their Diplomas in Russia

  1. This idle talk about Russia having the right to keep the Crimea because possession is 9/10th of the Law is total bunk. Putin is ‘in another world’ (as Chancellor Merker aptly described him!). He thinks that he can kick open the front door and all of Ukraine will collapse under his jack boot?! There is a rather simple (though not easy) way to correct this problem–before any more idiotic changes take place in the Crimea: Have Ukraine simply deed or lease the Crimea to the USA as a military naval base. The past Agreements between Ukraine and Russia no longer exist (on both sides), so there is absolutely no legal objection that Russia can make against the civilized world, the world that observes ‘the rule of law’. An interim period can be set for total withdrawal of all Russian forces and discontents from the Crimea (the 24th May 2014?!) with set time periods prior to the final deadline. For example, all Russian naval vessels with Russian troops to be moved out of Crimea and the Black Sea area around the Crimea before the end of April. Then all Russian offices (Passport office, Government offices and Police stations to be handed over to the joint Ukrainian-USA military forces before the 9th May 2014). Thereafter, on 9th May 2014, a Victory celebration can be declared for all of Crimea (with the removal of the last of the pro-Russian forces). Prior to the 25th May 2014 Ukrainian National election, a Census of all the people of Crimea can be made (in preparation of the National Ukrainian Elections) following the removal of all Russian forces (to be vacated no later than 8th May 2014). Following the 9th May 2014 Victory celebration (celebrating the arrival of all USA troops and military personnel as well as USA military warships and vessels to secure the area from any future Russian aggression), any Russian citizen that wishes to relocate back to their Mother Russia is free to do so–without penalty or restrictions. Those people who were ‘forced’ to become Russian citizens in Crimea can revert back to their Ukrainian citizenship if they choose to do so. In this way, this nightmarish take-over of Crimea by the belligerent restrictive Russian regime can come to an end. And then (and ONLY then) can legitimate measures be properly voted upon to ensure that the voice of ALL the peoples in Crimea (not simply the pro-Russian ones!) can be heard and recorded. That is how ‘the rule of law’ works in any FREE country around the world! and that is how this bully nation, Russia, can be put in it’s proper place. Yes, although I did say that this solution was rather simple, I did add that it would not be easy to carry out. But it is possible. And if the events that unfolded earlier this year in Kiev are any indication–I believe that with the legitimate will of the people (without Russian interference, Russian snipers, and the Russian-paid Berkut) genuine peace and real freedom can be restored to the Ukraine. For only then can the Government of Crimea be a Government of the people, by the people and for the people! God bless the Ukraine! And may God bless all freedom-loving peoples the world over! Peoples of Ukraine UNITE!

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