Biden has criticized the Ukrainian people’s deputies for being unable to defeat corruption: Lytvyn

During a meeting with people’s deputies, US Vice President Joe Biden stated that insufficient efforts are being made in Ukraine to combat corruption, says Volodymyr Lytvyn (independent MP), Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense.

The press service of the Chairman of the Committee on National Security and Defense reports that on Tuesday morning Joe Biden conducted a meeting with people’s deputies, which was attended by Lytvyn, Inna Bohoslovska (independent MP), Vitaliy Kalyuzhnyi (Party of Regions), Vitaliy Klitschko (UDAR), Lesya Orobets (Batkivshchyna), Petro Poroshenko (independent MP), Serhiy Sobolev (Batkivshchyna), Oleh Tyahnybok (Svoboda), and Sergey Tigipko (independent MP).

Lytvyn noted, “Biden’s final words, which were perhaps influenced by the speeches, were extremely harsh.”

“Particularly concerning corruption in Ukraine. He stressed, ‘You are unable to overcome corruption. The world will not tolerate this, but we cannot solve this problem for you ourselves. You always emphasize that you need help in the energy sector, yet this system is completely corrupt as well,’” the MP quoted the U.S. Vice President as saying.


Source: Interfax Ukraine

Translated by Katherina Smirnova, edited by Robin Rohrback


4 thoughts on “Biden has criticized the Ukrainian people’s deputies for being unable to defeat corruption: Lytvyn

  1. Ukraine is in the process of being chipped away by Putin and this is what Biden has to say?? Yes, the issue of corruption is important but there is a more important issue – Russia’s attempt to take part of Ukraine into the Russian sphere!

    • I’m sorry, ESL., but you are mistaken. Corruption in Ukraine is at the heart of all that is happening there now. It is what has brought so many people to the edge of despair by their financial condition, and it is what makes restoring order so difficult. No one in power there, most especially including law enforcement on the streets, stands to benefit from reform of corruption. They will all lose huge sources of revenue through bribes, racketeering and much more. The people want some relief from their circumstances, and those in power want to keep a system that allows them to steal from everyone, all the time. So opportunistic Putin sees his chance. But his actions are a symptom of the problem, not the cause. Rampant corruption is the cause. And must be addressed, as Poland addressed theirs, to become a much stronger, more prosperous nation today.

  2. Tough words from Vice-President Biden but perhaps he should look closer to home as regards corruption and bribery, it even happens in the UK so it’s not just a Ukrainian problem. Prior to WWII, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were ‘western’ nations (in fact they are no further east than Greece so why people refer to them as eastern Europe today is a mystery to me) but they are still addressing their post-Soviet past and Russia still uses the occasional bully-boy tactics against them. Ukraine, not only geographically but both ethnically and culturally is closer to Russia and despite the fact that many Ukrainians see their future as part of the EU (as is their right) many Russians see the Ukraine as a region, not a separate country. Yes, Ukrainians have to play their part in stamping out corruption within their country but there is no reason why the EU and US don’t help. Perhaps if western involvement in what was The Commonwealth of Independent States had been directed towards improving the lives of its people rather than capitalist greed (both in the US and UK the gap between the wealthy and the rest is increasing) then perhaps Putin (Yeltsin may have been ok as Mayor of Moscow but he was a disaster for the CIS) may never have become President of the Russian Federation.

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