Ministry asked former Berkut and Self-defense to join forces

berMonday, April 21, 2014, 20:47

The members of the board of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Ukraine appealed to former employees of Berkut to reconcile and unite with Maidan’s self-defense forces against external aggression.

“You have always been an elite force of law. You spared no forces and lives to protect people. Now Mother Ukraine needs your help and participation more than ever. Even though yesterday Berkut and Self-defense “were on opposite sides of the barricades”, now, faced with external aggression, all citizens should remember that they are children of the Ukrainian land, and forget any mutual insults, quench all personal ambitions,” the statement reads.

The Ministry says that, “this year the Lord has sent the young Ukrainian state a test of maturity and strength, our people had to experience a lot over the past months.”

“We lived through the pain of human loss and despair from disbelief in those close to us, and the righteous anger against an encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine. In late February, we had enough wisdom to stop on the edge of fratricide,” the appeal stated.

The Ministry stressed that the plan of discrediting the nation’sl statehood had been frustrated and Ukrainians have shown that they can make order by themselves in their own multicultural home. “The legitimate renewal of our statehood has begun,” the announcement said. :However, this development does not suit Ukrainophobes,” states the police.

“They are trying to show us as wild and ignorant and seeking to drive a wedge of hostility Between East and West, speculating on matters of language and religion. They are spinning facts of historical development and using economic pressure. They attempt to disrupt the political reboot. They do not shun any means,” said the Ministry.

Therefore, the Ministry urged everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of the country to reconcile and unite. “First of all, by the mobilization of society, cessation of strife and mutual respect,” – noted in the department.


2 thoughts on “Ministry asked former Berkut and Self-defense to join forces

  1. So sorry for firebombing the Berkut officers with moltov cocktails while they burn alive. So sorry for hiring snipers to shoot and kill protestors and officers alike from same weapon. So sorrrry. Catherine Ashton and Urmas Paet had a telephone conversation that was hacked which exposes all of this

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