Renowned theater director disappears in Slovyansk

Pavlo Yurov

Two residents of Donetsk and Luhansk have disappeared for almost a day: the theater director Pavlo Yurov, winner of the Kyiv Pectoral award, and Denys Hryshchuk, a volunteer in the arts, reports Ukrainska Pravda, after being contacted by friends of the two men.

According to friends, theater director Pavlo Yurov, born in 1982, and volunteer Denys Hryshchuk, born in 1985, have disappeared and have not responded to phone calls for almost a day. One is from Luhansk, the other from Donetsk. They were in Slovyansk for the day and were supposed to return to Kyiv from Slovyansk by train on April 26 at night. As of 18:00, April 25, the phones of the two men stopped responding. “Parents of the two men are looking for them, but in vain.” the friends say.

“Pavlo went to Donetsk on April 17. Denys was already there, and they stayed at his home. The two arrived in Slovyansk early on April 25 and planned to take the train (154D Donetsk-Kyiv) to Kyiv later that day. They were due to arrive around 1:00 at night,” the friends say.

Denys Hryshchuk

Denys Hryshchuk

The friends report that Pavlo and Denys phoned throughout the day on April 25 and said that Slovyansk was quiet and that they were walking around the city. They promised to phone from the train, but never called.

The last call came around 16:00. Denys’s brother attempted to call him at 17:30 but the call was dropped and Denys never tried to establish contact afterwards.

There has been no further contact with the two friends, even though the phones are obviously functioning. The calls go through, but nobody responds.





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