VITALY PORTNIKOV: A “Contingential” Climate

Portnikov: A “Contingential” Climate. “The essence of authoritarianism is the right to kill with impunity for the greater good. Occupiers, terrorists, sadists, and thugs – these don’t exist in Russia. They exist in the West and are among its henchmen.”

Voices of Ukraine

By Vitaly Portnikov , Ukrainian journalist, political analyst
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

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There are eras of great achievements and eras of great repudiations. But in Russia this is the era of the great reversal. The VVC [Moscow’s Russian Exhibition Center] will soon return to its Soviet name VDNKH -“Exhibition of People’s Economics Achievements” – it does not matter that the people’s economy is long gone, and that all the economy has left are Gazprom with Rosneft, as well as Abramovich and the Rotenberg brothers; they just need the exhibition back. The news agency ITAR-TASS will again become the Soviet TASS – why scare people off with an obscure combination of letters during times of propaganda frenzy? Really, what can an ITAR statement declare, anyway? Nothing, of course. Only TASS! [i.e. the old Cold War declarations–”TASS reports!”]. TASS is authorized to declare that we need a limited peacekeeping contingent. That’s what Russians are…

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