Der Spiegel about worthless Ukraine.

By Thomas Theiner

Augstein, main publisher of Der Spiegel, channeling his inner Ribbetrop

Augstein, main publisher of Der Spiegel, channeling his inner Ribbetrop

Der Spiegel, already a lie spreading, propaganda spewing, sorry excuse for a “journalistic” product, which once had some ethics, morals and professionalism is sinking so low so fast, that one can barely follow its decent down the drain into the sewers.

Yes, I am furious and there is a reason for that: Today Der Spiegel published an extremely tendentious piece linking the Ukraine government to Syrian jihadists, which I thought would be hard to top with its malicious content… but Der Spiegel managed to do just that and in less than three hours!

The new piece is by Jakob Augstein, who usually publishes uninformed barely logical ramblings with anti-Semitic undertones. This time he write about Ukraine… or as he says it “worthless Ukraine.” His argument is that Ukraine isn’t worth risking a confrontation with Russia, so the West should just retreat and leave Ukraine to Putin. The Ukrainian people don’t even figure in his views, all he cares for is to make sure his holy overlord in the Kremlin wins Ukraine, remains untouched from sanctions and lives to invade other countries another day.

Some excerpts from this imbecile nitwits turds sick mind:

  • He denies Obama is confronting Putin because of Putin’s violation of international law. In his view Obama only acts because he is being driven by “right wing politicians like John McCain”.
  • He speculates that events in Eastern Ukraine could develop into a major war because NATO might send troops there to liberate Western hostages. Followed by a pro-Russia uprising by Estonian Russians, to which the poor Russia would have to respond with an full scale invasion of Estonia.
  • He claims that proof of Russian involvement in Eastern Ukraine stems from the “Photoshop of the CIA”.
  • He claims the natural development for Ukraine is the disintegration as a nation and even though “Putin escalates the crisis on purpose” he argues that the West should just walk away and let Putin grab whatever he wants of Ukraine, because “we (= the Germans) wouldn’t have any disadvantages if Ukraine split into a Russian East and pro-EU West.”; blissfully ignoring what maybe the people of Ukraine want and that there might have been no disintegration tendencies until Putin send his special forces and goons over the border to stage unrest.
  • He also has the audacity to call politicians who refuse to back down against Putin’s aggression “mad!” as they shouldn’t get in a fuss over “worthless Ukraine”.
  • He concludes by arguing the Western response so far was wrong and we should just “back off” and let Putin do as he pleases, because Putin isn’t Hitler and will surely be satisfied if we let him have Ukraine scot-free.

Clearly Augstein has no clue about Ukraine, he doesn’t consider the people of Ukraine anything but rabble to be handed off to Putin’s regime, he doesn’t mention once that Putin broke international law, that people are being murdered and tortured by Russian special forces in Ukraine or that Ukrainians do not want to be sold off to Russia.

Having not once considered the Ukrainian people, having espoused his heinous pro-Kremlin and West hating views, Augstein’s fear mongering culminates with a prospect that NATO could inadvertently force innocent Russia to defend itself with tactical nuclear weapons against NATO troops coming to the defense of worthless Ukrainian and Estonian men, women and children.

Augstein now has proven not only that his inclusion as one of the Top Ten Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel slurs spewing people by the Simon Wiesenthal center was well deserved, but also that he is willing to betray the people of Eastern Europe to oppression, murder, slaughter, deportation and all else Putin has in store for conquered nations. What else can be said about such a despicable, idiotic person as Augstein… nothing but the hope that his writings may soon come to an definite end.

Thomas Theiner is a writer and production manager. He has previously lived in Kyiv for 5 years and worked at a subsidiary of Ukraine’s biggest film company.


21 thoughts on “Der Spiegel about worthless Ukraine.

  1. I understand your fury. Is this an article to cause uproar? Could it possibly be a real perspective in this day and age? Sickening. It is more than sad to see a good amount of the comments on article agreeing with the article. Wow.

    • The other article in which Der Spiegel lied about Ukraine and made a malicious harebrained connection between Ukraine and Syrian radical jihadis was from the print edition. Whatever comes out of there now is Kremlin-adulating spam.

  2. German here. Thank you very much.

    All of the above is absolutely correct. And don’t forget that Der Spiegel is the voice of the SPD which wants to install its member Martin Schulz as EU Commission President in May.

  3. I’ve never read that much bullshit in one place. Augstein is not stupid, he is dangerous…
    I couldn’t believe there are worse journalists as the italian ones, but now I have to change my point of view.

  4. Like many Russians it seems that many Germans cannot ween themselves from their sense of imperialist entitlements – even in 2014 – 75 years and 3 generations since they started the last world inhumane conflagration.

    Nazis always considered Ukrainians untermenschen – sub-human, disposable fodder for their own betterment. Like his ethics-deprived countryman, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who celebrated his birthday on Monday with Putin (,
    they further degrade Germany’s moral authority. They are not leaving much of it for other Germans to degrade further
    Nazis always considered Ukrainians untermenschen – sub-human, disposable fodder for their own betterment. Like his ethics-deprived countryman, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who celebrated his birthday on Monday with Putin, they further degrade Germany’s moral authority. They are not leaving much of it for other Germans to degrade further:

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  7. Jakob Augstein is “main publisher of Der Spiegel”? Wow, that’s great research. Nobody else knew that. Everyone thought he was at the “Freitag”. Or maybe you meant his father, Rudolf Augstein? Alright, enough sarcasm. The truth is: Thomas Theiner doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  8. Here’s some more pro-Russian nonsense from “the lie spreading, propaganda spewing, sorry excuse for a “journalistic” product”, the Spiegel:

    Oh wait, that author (Georg Diez) is actually heavily criticizing Germans for being too pro-Russian… what’s going on here? Thomas Theiner said the Spiegel was pro-Putin! I’m confused…

    Let me explain: The Spiegel is neither for Kiev nor for Moscow. Jakob Augstein, Georg Diez and other Spiegel authors have widely diverging opinions on most issues. The Spiegel publishes them all. That’s their policy: to publish a pretty wide range of opinions. That’s why everyone will sometimes find reason to hate the Spiegel. Besides the opinion pieces, the Spiegel is a reasonably good source of non-biased, factual information.

    • You must be kidding all I’ve seen from this rag are cruel, insensitive lies. Disgusting..I’d almost forgiven Germany for WW2…now I hate them even more. They’ve shown their true cruel colors. They make a good team with that savage Putin.

  9. I think that this is not a coincidence that Der Spiegel became unworthy of your admiration right when the Ukraine was choosing to make its U-turn and show its back to its brother Russians. And while you can blame Der Spiegel writer for not showing any consideration to the fellow Ukrainians at least you can not blame him for spreading lies like you do when you put all the blame on the Russians and choose to ignore the wishes of a huge part of the population of Ukraine. Deliberately or because you do not have the necessary skills you omit the fact that in Ukraine you are facing now a popular crisis, being disproportionately divided mainly in two.
    This is huge cultural clash that you have no idea about:
    -the young against the elders (the Internet freaks those being brainwashed by the Western media, detached from reality on the ground, all full of theories and principles but lacking basic experience in life, putting the blame on the elders and on Russia when in fact the most glorious thing they will do is that they will immigrate in the UK and Germany en masse and not look back after they will close the door behind after giving the country on a silver plate to the Westerner bankers -because the price for money is meant to be high)
    -the people from urban areas against those at the county side (same stuff there, people in urban areas are partly intellectuals and other they all have in common the idea of gaining more while working less, not everyone is lazy here but working in industrial areas is less punishing than working agriculture)
    -the west against the east, each with its affiliations and sympathies but let’s also not forget that those who stayed to live in the poorer parts of the country, in the East, are those who don’t want abrupt changes and care for their cultural bounds more than for money.

    On top of this Augstein is right. There is a reason why NATO forces were not including Ukraine from the very beginning and there is no reason enough to put everything to risk for the Ukrainian divided society in a nation that do not even want to admit about its division that made its decisive U-turn on dubious conditions.

    Ukraine has two choices: whether they let the people from the East decide their own fate and the East could go separate ways after 11 of May, or the whole country will join Russia -I wanted to write “occupation” first but I think the term “joining” is more appropriate considering your tight bounds with Russia (despite the Polish fury and insistence to neglect the true).

    Anyway you make a very good job in dividing the country, Rockefellers and the IMF must have some orgies right now in their ballrooms because this. I am talking from a country adhered to the EU some time ago by now and what they have been doing here is they completely destroyed the country.

    • Sick, sick, sick…more Putin regime lies….majority of people living in Ukraine want to stay united…Haven’t you read the polls? Who started all the problems in Ukraine…Putler…by invading Crimea and sending mercenairies to fight in eastern Ukraine. The only people dividing Ukraine are Putin regime trolls. Western Europe countries like france and germany are worthless, cruel and criminal people…and they are cowards….they have and will always have blood on their hands…forever….

    • Germany is cruel and evil…always has been and always will be. They’ve now tried to wipe the blood off their flithy hands by blaming Ukraine for the Holocaust. Their lies are beyond belief. Haven’t they done enough damage to Ukraine in WW2 and now again? Shame on German people. They can never live down what they did in WW2. They’ve always hated Russia and Ukraine but they now love Russia because Russia is a whore country that would work with them after WW2 and Ukrainians wouldn’t.

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