Yuriy Butusov on Kharkiv Mayor Shooting – April 28, 2014

William's Euromaidan Chronicle

Mayor of Kharkiv shot and wounded

Facebook Status Update of Yuriy Butusov, Kyiv, contributing editor at Tsenzor.net, April 28, 2014 (Translated from Russian by William Risch, Georgia College):

Whatever we thought about Kernes, the attempt on his life was directly connected to changes in his political position. For me, Kernes was a symbol of the chaos organized crime had brought to the revolution, and his role in it simply cannot be ignored.  And it’s a shame that he was appointed mayor of Kharkiv. 

But after threats of Russian intervention surfaced, he changed his position dramatically. It was Kernes who, after talking with Dnipropetrovsk governor Ihor Kolomoisky, cancelled a congress of the First Ukrainian Front, an organization that the Kremlin was using to legitimate splitting up Ukraine.  He and his friend, former Kharkiv governor Mykhailo Dobkin, were key figures in the Kremlin’s strategy, and Kernes by leaving it did great damage to Russia’s influence over events.  Kernes…

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