VITALY PORTNIKOV – Ukraine and The Suicide Club á la Russe

VITALY PORTNIKOV – Ukraine and The Suicide Club á la Russe

Voices of Ukraine

portnikov2 By Vitaly Portnikov , Kyiv journalist and political commentator, columnist for Radio Liberty
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: Radio Svoboda

Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Suicide Club has long since become a classic detective story that illustrates how talented conmen can speculate on people’s instincts to safely ship them off to the next world, and profit along the way. But if the president of the Suicide Club in Stevenson’s novel had only a small group of followers, the Russian government has a whole country at their disposal. Talk about room for action!

Sergey Glazyev, Advisor to the President [of Russia], naturally, won’t have the president’s chair in the Russian “Suicide Club.” Glazyev, being an economic air-monger and a failed politician, will have the same position in the club as he has right now–the president’s assistant. But in an assistant’s role, there is plenty he can accomplish.


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