The Rear Line

Rachmanin: The Rear Line – Filling one’s senses with Donetsk region’s “Maidan under different slogans.”

Voices of Ukraine

50509By Sergei Rachmanin , Deputy Editor ZN.UA
04.24.2014 ZN.UA
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

“Donbas is Donbas!” This graffiti on the wall of one of the buildings in, I believe, Druzhkivka, stood out sharply among other examples of political graffiti in Donetsk Oblast [region]. I saw this slogan only once. But it probably most accurately reflects the mood of the local residents.


“Is there a wall between us?”

The broken bus stops are painted the colors of the so-called DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) and decorated with the inviting [slogan] “Donbas, rise!” A sign scrawled on a grim-looking fence with, “Freedom to Gubarev (the arrested “people’s governor” of Donetsk–Ed.) and to the patriots!,” is sharply offset by the more mundane “Dumping prohibited.” “Donetsk is Russia!” neighbors “Donbas is Ukraine,” “Donbas against federasts”–with “Fascism will not pass!” The Ukrainian trident [tryzub] on a school fence in Kramatorsk is several hundred meters…

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