Luhansk radicals complain of rifts and anarchy

33923Separatist radicals in Luhansk are experiencing growing disagreements and anarchy, with one faction forming new armed groups that can be satisfied only with a referendum.

Oleksiy Chmilenko, head of the pro-Russian radical group National Front, in the seized SBU (Security Service) building, described the growing anarchy, as reported by Ukrainska Pravda, April 30, citing the website Luhansk

“We no longer control the situation in the streets,” he said. “Today I was actually threatened by Valeriy Bolotov’s group, who said they will come to arrest me. I know they even have orders to shoot me,” he said.

“With regard to everything that is happening, I want to make an announcement so people know the truth about what is going on. They’re being dragged into this anarchy, this civil war by Valeriy Bolotov and his group. People say they don’t want any negotiations with any government they don’t recognize. They always said that,” Chmilenko said.

“So now they involved the people, and the people have gone out of control. I can’t control the people. Oleksiy Mozhovyy can’t control the people in the streets either. Our people now remain inside the buildings,” he said.

According to Chmilenko, due to disagreements over tactics, spontaneous groups have begun to form, people with weapons with unpredictable and uncontrollable behavior.

“Now new leaders are being formed spontaneously,” he said. “Where they go from here is impossible to tell. Several are ready to storm Stakhanov (city in Luhansk Oblast ed.). Riots and civil war will begin. People are on their own. They need to be calmed down, and to do so there is only one thing — put out the voting ballot box, conduct a census of the population, and do not conduct presidential elections, Chmilenko says.

He repeatedly emphasized that the people with guns can only be appeased by one thing — a referendum.

As previously reported, after the seizure of the Luhansk SBU building, a dozen leaders and organizations were formed. The best known among them is Oleksiy Mozhovyy, who represents the “People’s Militia of the Luhansk Oblast” and the “people’s governor” Valeriy Bolotov, who heads the so-called “Army of the Southeast.”



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