Regarding accusations against “Alpha” Group, the special ops division of the SBU

DMITRY TYMCHUK:Regarding accusations against “Alpha” Group, the special ops division of the SBU.

Voices of Ukraine

By Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine 

10173325_481968728598454_1124228004_nToday, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities accused the leadership and operatives of special ops division Alpha, of failing to follow orders.

Information Resistance group failed to find any evidence that Alpha Group received a military order which it would not fulfill.

Indeed, there was the issue with using Alpha in Sloviansk. At the same time, according to our data, Alpha commanders,  indicated the conditions necessary for special forces to conduct such an operation–clearly identified goals and operation objectives, exploration and reconnaissance, complete blockage of the area of ​​the operation, and providing cover [for operatives].

None of this was provided.

Nevertheless, the Alpha team agreed to follow the military order in accordance with the tasks it was prepared to perform. Moreover–the commanders and special forces operatives actually demanded the same adequate order in their engagement (this is the release…

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