Anti-aircraft defense units  are guarding the airspace over important sites, the Ministry of Defense reports.


In certain areas, soldiers of anti-aircraft missile troops carry out protection of important sites that may become targets of airstrikes, such as troops deployment areas and military installations. This is being reported by InfoResist with a reference to the Ministry of Defense’s Press Service.

According to the Deputy Commander of one of the divisions, the “sky guards” conduct daily trainings and improve their skills.

“Only experienced officers and contract soldiers, having practical experience of launching combat missiles are among the anti aircraft teams,” the officer stated.

The anti-aircraft teams have set up a field camp and arranged the conveniences fairly close to fire position. A patrol duty, security, and defense have been organized in the camp. A firing unit position is being protected as well and, in order to repell saboteurs and reconnaissance groups, trainings with ground defense forces are constantly conducted.

It should be noted that a number of urgent matters concerning the unit’s life support have been resolved owing to the efforts of representatives of the local authorities, business and concerned citizens. In particular, the drinking water supply has been organized and new high capacity rechargeable batteries, sleeping bags, spare parts and other material supplies have been purchased.


Translated by Katherina Smirnova, edited by Edmond Huet

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3 thoughts on “Anti-aircraft defense units  are guarding the airspace over important sites, the Ministry of Defense reports.

  1. Hi there
    As a polish i would like to know how the enthusiasts of euro-maidan feel.I can imagine that you need independent country,your own goverment and guaranty of safety on the european level.Russia is just trying to do annection of your own country just like A.Hitler thats the way i see it-they’re trying to do some excusies,trying their lies”separatists”(which are only russia military in cover).This is so wrong and shouldn’t happen in these times and i am fully support your fight for your rights and your country.I am concerned about ukrainian right wing though-this is the part of our history which can’t be solved so far this is a problem beetwen our countries even if politicians are trying to avoid the topic.I would like to know how young people feel and thinks about it-i am 35 years old i know history about ukrainian wilingness for their own country,independency also i know where does it went to during the second world war.The fact is that hundreds of polish villages were wiped out and thousends of polish villagers slaughtered.During the comunism and after there where no single sorry for this genocide from the side of Ukraine,there where no regret-even know u can see some reconstructions and some kind of celebrating if it comes to the date of raising 14th SS Div.Galizien.How does it match to the today’s march for the liberty and freedom.How the young people of Ukraine see this now?Regards Tomasz

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