Boy gets arrested for streaming from his balcony in Sloviansk

boyOn Sunday, 13:04 this young man asked to post in a Facebook newsgroup Revolution/Euromaidan/The Right Sector that he is streaming a live broadcast of the SBU building in Sloviansk from his balcony.

Somehow, the location of this young man had been detected, seven man in masks and wearing a green military uniform had charged into his apartment, confiscated the tablet from which the broadcast was being streamed, a phone, two system blocks (his, and his fathers), and demanded that he got dressed and came with them. This lad was trying to resist, but he was still taken to Sloviansk SBU building, where he is still located. They do not even allow his parents to see him. His captors claim that they do not beat the boy, feed him, and even allow him to take walks (under guard) during evenings. The boy has caught a cold as a result of being in the in the basement for a long time, although he did not wish to admit to it. One time Artem was allowed to talk to his mother on the phone, and after hearing his voice she understood that her son has a cold.

Here is this boy:,
and here is his post:

Here are the links to newspaper articles (I have given the info to journalists during the time when I was watching the last seconds of the broadcast that has been filmed by him, and after I have talked to his mother for a couple of minutes for the first time):

Please help to save the boy and rescue him from the SBU building. On,, and ICTV already had live broadcasts where the incident was discussed.  Also has appealed to OBSE with this issue after my posting. At 21:40 OBSE have arrived to SBU building and made a video about the occurrence, boy’s parents gave an interview to the German journalist on the same day. However, according to latest date the bus with OBSE representatives has also been captured. The parents have appealed to various local authorities in the city, they cannot help (also they called SBU, and only were able to get a hold of the answering machine, which recorded the message). I would like to turn the attention of all people who could help in any way.

If there is any information regarding Artem – here is my number: 0999292312, Plotnikova, Yana.



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