Ukraine’s president reports on new anti-terrorist operation, calls on Russia to stop terrorism


Oleksandr Turchynov

Address of Acting President of Ukraine
Oleksandr Turchynov to the nation, May 2, 2014

Fellow Citizens

This morning we began the active phase of the anti-terrorist operation directed against the main base of the militants in Slovyansk, who are terrorizing the entire Donetsk region. Our main goal is to protect people and prevent casualties among the population.

Our security forces are fighting the mercenaries of a foreign state, the terrorists and criminals who are seizing hostages, killing and torturing people, and who, with weapons in their hands, are threatening the territorial integrity and stability of Ukraine.

I want to emphasize that the operation is not proceeding as fast as we would like. It is significantly complicated by the fact that the bases of the terrorists are located in highly populated cities where the terrorists hide behind civilians and hostages and fire from multifamily residential buildings.

During the course of today’s operation, we were able to capture all the fortified fire support bases and checkpoints around the city of Slovyansk, fully blocking it off from the surrounding area. The attack on the terrorists is continuing.

During the operation, the criminals suffered heavy losses, with many killed, wounded and arrested. To our great regret, we were informed that two of our soldiers were killed and seven wounded.

I thank all the heroes who are courageously defending our country. Eternal memory to those who have died defending our homeland.

The constitution puts significant limits on my powers, but the newly elected president will submit for the country’s highest awards all the heroes who have distinguished themselves while defending their country and the peace and tranquility of our citizens.

We demand that the terrorists, the saboteurs, and all those who have raised arms against our country lay down their arms, surrender and free the hostages and office buildings. Those who lay down their arms and who have not been involved in serious crimes will be amnestied. Those who are guilty of murder and torture will be punished.

I also want to report that last night there were attempts by a group of armed Russian militants to break through our state border. They were stopped by our border guards.

Additionally, despite all efforts and attempts to organize provocations and unrest, to destabilize the situation also in other regions of the south and west of the country, especially in Kharkiv and Odesa, we have been able to maintain peace and stability there.

I want to make a separate appeal to the leadership of the Russian Federation. Stop the hysteria around the events taking place in Ukraine. Stop the threats and intimidation.
If you are concerned about violations of the rights of citizens, concentrate on protecting them in your own country, where violations of human rights have become systematic.

We demand that Russia cease the provocations against our country and that it stop using terrorism, sabotage, and military threats as forms of pressure on our country.

Despite all the problems and countermeasures, we will ensure the peace and tranquility in our country and put and end to the terrorist threat in the east of Ukraine.

May God watch over Ukraine and everyone of you.

Translated by Anna Mostovych



8 thoughts on “Ukraine’s president reports on new anti-terrorist operation, calls on Russia to stop terrorism

  1. I pray for the dear, brave people of Ukraine, God’s people, to have their united country and an end to the Russian aggression as soon as possible. May God be with you at this horrible time.
    From artist, Brooke Taney.

  2. Let’s be clear on a few basic points here. POINT #1: To begin with, my hat goes off to ‘Acting’ President Oleksandr Turchynov for finally putting into effect the FIRST goal of the Ukrainian Government (which is “to protect the people”, as he aptly put it!). But what needs to be clarified is this nonsense about acting as an ‘Acting President’ of Ukraine. To quote a democratic example from history, when LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson) became President of the USA he was not elected by the people of USA. JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) was assassinated (forcibly removed from office) and so LBJ took his place–never having been elected, nor approved, by the democratic vote of the people (at that time!). He was not an ‘Acting President’; he WAS the President of the United States of America. And as the (interim) President, he assumed ALL the powers of that Office. For President Turchynov to publicly state (that): “The Constitution puts significant limits on my power” is crap. Either one acts in the full capacity of a President of Ukraine or one does not. One cannot be an ‘Acting President’ and yet not act as a President of one’s country. That kind of thinking alone is a form of (Russian) double-think. It is similar to the propaganda line that Russia uses when it says that its ‘little green men’ in Crimea are Russian soldiers, but in South-East Ukraine, they are not?! What is this form of reasoning? Putin puke? lawyer gibberish?! legal gobbledygook?! Either you are with Ukraine or you are not! Either you are President of Ukraine (and act as a President of Ukraine with the full powers of the President of Ukraine) or you are not! It’s that simple! Cut out the crap! Seize the moment! Grasp the opportunity before you! And wipe out the enemies of Ukraine–as the President of Ukraine is meant to do! For, as stated, the #1 GOAL is: to protect the peoples of Ukraine from these pro-Russian and foreign Russian insurgents what are aliens to the Ukraine, and as Russian insurgents are no more than TERRORISTS pretending to act for Ukraine. Now that is calling a spade, a spade!

    POINT #2: Ukraine needs to seize the opportunities now placed before her–as a country under siege and beset by pro-Russian infiltrators who talk, walk, and act as RUSSIAN ‘little green men’! In every war or conflict, the most basic advice is to think as your enemy thinks, and only then to be able to anticipate and outmaneuver him on all flanks. And the greatest fear Russia has today is that Ukraine may choose to join with NATO! Time is of the essence here! To create the best leverage, in my opinion, Ukraine needs to sign an emergency provisional Agreement to become a NATO member effective IMMEDIATELY upon the attack of Russian military (whether from their ships in the sea, their planes in the air, or their troops on the ground!). This ‘condition’ (that Ukraine becomes a NATO member when attacked militarily by Russia) should keep Russian military off the soil of Ukraine (including the Crimea) as Ukraine militarily takes back both the Crimea and the South-East portions of ‘its OWN land’–as recognized to be Ukrainian soil by all the nations of the world where International rule of law still reigns (to include China and Iran!). And this NATO Agreement needs to be jointly signed and ratified with the United States of America–again, effective upon an covert or overt Russian military operation against the Ukraine. Then when these 2 battalions of Russian troops from the Crimea arrive on mainland Ukraine (as the current News apparently assumes they soon will!), they then need to be completely exterminated (as they themselves stated that they will “take no prisoners”). If necessary, orange agent can be used against them (as the USA used in Vietnam) to send them back to the (flames of) Hell from which they came. Or, if it is more prudent, exterminate them all through conventional military means: bullets, grenades, bombs, missiles, the list goes on.

    POINT #3: The bottom line is that all of these mongrel dogs need to be sent back to Mother Russia either with their tails between their legs (as the cowards they are–hiding behind women and children as human shields!) or in bodybags. There is no other way, other than concentration camps–as the prisons in Ukraine are already over-filled with these alien terrorists. No other country in the world, except Ukraine, would be so accepting and relatively docile (until now?!) of these gross violations of International and National Agreements by the rogue state of Putin’s Russian Reich. For just as Hitler’s 1000-year Reich lasted only a few short years, so Putin’s days are numbered as well!

    Long live Ukraine! Long live a FREE Ukraine–free from Russian domination, Russian aggression, Russian infiltration, Russian propaganda, Russian abuse and misuse, Russian exploitation, Russian corruption, Russian Mafia, Russian tyranny, and most of all FREE from the presence of Russian troops within her borders! I do not say that it is ‘good’ that these “criminals suffered heavy losses, with many killed, wounded and arrested” because there may have been something ‘good’ (at one time?) within each one of these (now) dead pro-Russian men, but let us not become bleeding heart libertines who allow every child murderer to live in a Garden of Eden (under protective prison care). Instead, let us be ‘wise as serpents’ (as Jesus directed) and let these mad dogs reap the whirlwind, for even the Bible states: “you reap what you sow!”. For now Russia must reap a very bitter harvest!

  3. Seeing the worrying news today, one thought was crossing my mind:

    If there will be serious street fighting inside Sloviansk, a city of more then 100.000 people, there will be soon a stream of civilians trying to leave the place. Has the Ukrainian government and/ or Ukrainian humanitarian organisations made preparations for this (housing, tents, food, medical aid etc.)? It seems important to me, especially as I understand that Slovjansk people have been locked indoors for some days and may have run out of the essentials of life already. And it may also be important for the future coexistence of the two ethnic groups: If a government dominated by West-Ukrainians shows that it thinks of and cares about the needs of those poor Russian-speaking Easterners that may contribute to reconciliation after this civil war, wheras a feeling of having been left hungry and in the dirt may toughen resentment.

    Just a thought.

    Otherwise: May Ukraine and Ukrainians be soon delivered from this undeserved nightmare brought upon them!

  4. I’d call it terrorism when people are burning alive in a building while a nazi crowd sings patriotic Ukrainian songs outside. The nazis at least gassed people before they burnt them. Now I understand why the SS said the Ukrainians are worse.

    • You are sick with your rantings straight from the Kremlin. The only nazis you will find come from your backyard in Russia.

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  6. The big problem in the current situation is that Russia and so-called patriots are running the narrative.

    A tiny number of extremists aside, there are no fascists, and probably never were.

    The problem is that Russian as culture and language is thrown in the same pot as Russian government.

    That was true in Soviet times when Stalin let Ukraine starve to death and German troops (most of which were just as afraid of Hitler and not for him as most of the Russian troops were afraid of Stalin and not for him) were simply a natural ally to try to throw off a power that let people starve.

    It wasn’t anti Russian, it was anti-Stalin, just as others faught not Germany but Hitlers terror.

    But there are always the evil mind of people who want to gain personal power, and who try to depict a war against despots as a war against the country that has become victim of a despot.

    Germany was a victim of Hitler, Russia a victim of Stalin, and post-soviet republics have become victims of kleptocratic tyrants like Lukashenko, Tymochenko, Janukovitch, and yes, Putin, all of which wrap their plundering of the assets of their own people into the pseudo-patriotic cloth of a flag.

    So yes, eastern Ukraine was neglected, but it was neglected and plundered by thieves who were abusing patriotic language while arranging themselves with the big thief in the East called Putin, who now pretends to be their protector so he can expand his base of power and the number of people he can steal from.

    Ukraine is doomed as long as Russian and Ukrainian language and culture aren’t seen as the two equally valid and important main colors of a colorful painting that is the country of Ukraine, as long as it’s people, regardless of their language and culture don’t band together against the thieves and despots who victimize and split them for their personal gains.

    Eastern and Western, Northern and Southern Ukraine must unite, celebrate their cultural differences as part of a bigger more complex whole; lift each other up, and not allow enemies from outside or from within to turn diversity into division rather than celebration.

    The East and the West has the same enemies: thieves who fear for their power. Ukraine has sent one of them running, now it’s time to show the other the door back home to Russia where hopefully Russian people will eventually send him packing for exile, too.

    Make Russian a second official language, let the people in the East know they are and will not be forgotten when the country recovers from decades of corruption and plundering, but make it clear that it’s who some of them think of their protector who has supported the thief who bled the country dry and who is responsible for their misery, not the people who rose up because they couldn’t take it anymore.

    P.S. I’m not Ukrainian but I have traveled there many times in all parts of the country, and it’s painful for me to watch how cultural diversity and a distorted WWII history are abused to pit victims of abuse of power against each other in a fight of brothers, when they should be united in their fight against corruption and thieves.

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