Ukrainian authorities give ultimatum to separatists

Arsen Avakov, Minister of the Interior announced demands of the Anti-terrorist center to armed separatists. They should turn in weapons immediately, free all their abductees and leave seized administrative buildings, stop mass disorders and bashings. This is information from Ministry of Internal Affairs press service.

“Ukrainian authorities are ready to amnesty participants of the conflict and people who seized the administrative buildings but only the ones who did not commit war crimes. We are willing to hold negotiations with protesters and their delegates. But terrorists and armed separatists should expect only inevitable punishment,” Avakov told.

Today, at 4.30 AM, the active phase of the anti-terrorist operation began at Sloviansk. Ukrainian forces regained control over most part of Sloviansk. There is information about two Ukrainian helicopters Mil-Mi24 shot down by terrorists using MANPADs (portable air defence missiles) and one Mil-Mi8 damaged by small arms fire; Ministry of Defense informs about two dead and a few wounded.

Arsen Avakov told that 9 terrorist checkpoints within Sloviansk city borders are under armed forces control at the moment. There is a security cordon around the city. Citizens are asked to stay at home and not come close to their windows.

Translated by Iryna Kostyshina



2 thoughts on “Ukrainian authorities give ultimatum to separatists

  1. good work, we need to see order, whoever is not cooperating should meet the full force of the government.

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