Putin Pity: (+Moscow Maidan?)

Putin Pity: (+Moscow Maidan?)

Voices of Ukraine

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine 

tiUcDiB2BBg “Russia will f*ck you!”

You know, I even pity Putin somewhat.

Maidan soiled his personal triumph at the Sochi Olympics.

Now our anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine and the events in Odesa will shadow the annual Russian Victory Day hysteria.

Particularly frustrating for the Kremlin should be that, while they obviously did plan a streak of “victories” and “achievements” in Ukraine (i.e. more provocations, murders and kidnappings of peaceful citizens) leading up to the May 9th V-day to be dedicated to the spirits of the “triumphant Soviet commanders” like Stalin, Zhukov and other ghouls, it’s clear that there will be no ritual sacrifices of Ukrainians to the Russian gods of war.

The fair souls of Ukrainian patriots who died defending their Motherland’s freedom are forever blessed with their holy sacrifice (whatever the creed of the fallen heroes), so the forces of evil…

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