Russian citizens detained in Odesa riots

image04Most of those detained for participating in the riots in Odesa on May 2 are citizens of the Russian Federation and residents of Transnistria, reports UNIAN, citing sources at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

According to the Ministry’s Public Affairs Office, 172 persons have been arrested as part of the investigation into criminal behavior during the riots in Odesa, May 2.

After appropriate investigations, a number of the detainees have been released on personal recognizance and 127 remain in detention as active participants in the riots and are subject to a set of pretrial procedures.

According to data collected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 10 criminal proceedings have been initiated, the Public Affairs Office stated.

During their investigation, police officers seized firearms, rifled shotguns, smoothbore weapons, pistols, and a large quantity of flammable compounds, which have been used against peaceful civilians.

The Ministry pointed out that most of the detainees have already been identified as citizens of the Russian Federation and residents of Transnistria– a fact it believes indicates a thorough preparation for the riots in the city.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on May 2, clashes occurred in Odesa between pro-Ukrainian activists and pro-Russian militants armed with guns. Several pro-Ukrainian activists were killed. After the activists demolished the camp of the militants on Kulykovo field, the militants barricaded themselves in the Trade Union building. The building subsequently caught fire and additional people died.

According to recent reports, after yesterday’s clashes in Odesa, some 214 injured were hospitalized, 27 of them in very serious condition. The total killed stands at 46.



5 thoughts on “Russian citizens detained in Odesa riots

  1. So if there’s no wide-spread support for Russia in Ukraine, the support needs to be imported.

  2. WW3 is coming. The USA/NATO plan is to control EAstern Ukraine after butchering a few thousand people and then Re-take the Crimea. This is when Russia will unload on NATO.

    • Watching too much RT I see. Would that NATO would do such a thing and kick Putler’s dwarf ass back to “Leningrad.” Ukrainians do not want Russian big brother anymore.

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