Russia is building an armed ring of tension around Ukraine


Russia is reinforcing its military grouping in Crimea, sending in aircraft and military units.
This information was reported by a Crimean military expert who asked to remain anonymous (Ukrinform). 

“The sky over Crimea was dark from all the aircraft overhead. Such massive transfer of aircraft has not been seen since the German occupation of Crimea in 1941.” noted the expert. According to our source, Russia has transferred several dozen MiG and Su fighters, close to a complete aviation regiment. 

These are possibly fourth-generation aircraft. In addition, witnesses also saw several Tu-22 jet bombers. It was observed that at least ten Il-76 strategic airlifters landed with troops and equipment at the Sevastopol airfield of Belbek. 

The expert believes that by reinforcing and multiplying troops in Crimean military forces and the Black Sea Fleet Russia is building “an armed ring of tension” around south-east Ukraine. “Due to recent developments in southeastern Ukraine it is quite possible that by increasing military units in Crimea, Russia will tighten this military ring, thus threatening the southern and eastern region.” added the expert.


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