Summary of Events in Odesa: May 2, 2014

Summary of Events in Odesa: May 2, 2014

Voices of Ukraine

Elena Klein
02/05/2014 at 22:09
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.
Source: Elena Klein FB
Photos: Anastasia Snezhko

Odesa. May 2. I’ll try to briefly describe how and what happened. Because the media will probably report the opposite. And so I begin. In our country, it has been generally accepted in recent times that before soccer matches the Ultras [fan clubs] of playing teams join in a peaceful march together for the unity of the country. And today, this march was supposed to start from Soborna [Cathedral] Square. Since people expected a hit song about Putin performed by its authors, ordinary people came out to sing… Suddenly, the “Colorado beetles” [pro-Russian supporters who wear striped orange & black ribbons] appeared from the Athena shopping center. At first, stones were thrown at the Ultras, then they opened fire with firearms. Ultras responded with stones. Under [the fire] Maidan self-defense members and cops moved in. A part of cops became…

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