Twitter account linked to Russia Today posing as Euromaidan PR

Since mid-March, Euromaidan Russian Propaganda  (Euromaidan RP) has been using the Euromaidan PR name to post separatist, anti-Kyiv, anti-Western propaganda and disinformation in an apparent effort to discredit Euromaidan PR. Because they use the Euromaidan PR hashtag, it is possible that people using that hashtag to search for us on Google or Twitter may find fake news.

As of May 4, Euromaidan RP has six followers. Several of their 240 tweets are retweets of material from RT, including articles and videos from RT’s YouTube channel. Euromaidan RP’s own material generally consists of anti-Kyiv and anti-Western propaganda.

All of Euromaidan RP’s tweets appear to bear the Euromaidan PR name, but it is easy to distinguish between a Euromaidan RP tweet and a Euromaidan PR tweet.

Here is a screenshot of Euromaidan PR’s Twitter page.

  • The URL says ‘euromaidanPR
  • The user pic is a flag featuring Ukraine in the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag encircled in the yellow stars of the EU flag
  • The Twitter handle is @EuromaidanPR
  • There is a link to

Real EMPR page

Here is a screenshot of Euromaidan RP’s Twitter page.

  • The URL says ‘euromaidanRP
  • The user pic is a cartoon of a hand making a rude gesture
  • The Twitter handle is @EuromaidanRP
  • There is a link to

Fake EMPR Page

Here is an example of a Euromaidan Russian Propaganda tweet:

Here is an example of a Euromaidan PR tweet:

Please be aware of the differences. Euromaidan PR strives to provide accurate, verified information. Euromaidan RP strives to spread propaganda and discredit us by tweeting disingenuously under our name.

9 thoughts on “Twitter account linked to Russia Today posing as Euromaidan PR

  1. Why do you bother with this? Any intelligent person is able to discern the obvious differences.

    If only you folks understood that being reactive and defensive is defeating your raison d’etre!

    The propaganda from Moscow is easy to see, far better you report on activities of interim government, who are rather quiet, plus monitoring and questioning their actions, which was why #EuroMaidan came about, to bring change, not more of the same.

    • It is comforting that some, like the above commenter, can easily spot kremlinite disinformation and deceit in the news media and on the social networks. However, reporting this Twitter impostor is very important. Sharing the news that this fake scum exists to those who use the information superhighway is equally important. Look at it this way: anyone who drives knows that potholes are likely to come up along the road and drivers are generally cautious because of this type of hazard. But there are those potholes which are well hidden and end up being a foot wide and a foot deep – enough to do serious damage to a vehicle and cause injury to those in the car. The vast majority of drivers – including the best of the lot – appreciate having a large sign with flashing lights put up in front of this type of major hazard until the pothole can be filled.

    • @ByronHillV2 is not the same type of Twitter account as @EuromaidanRP. The bait & switch tactic used by the deceitful @EuromaidanRP (note: RP), who is exploiting the popularity of the credible @EuromaidanPR (note: PR), lists the odious RT in the web link of the profile – classic KGB deception. Taking shots may be fair game in the propaganda war but impostors like @EuromaidanRP are clearly out of bounds.

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