Volunteers help victims of Odesa violence


Photo: by Yulya Kochetova

At Odesa city hospitals No 1, No 10, and No 11 volunteer collection centers have been created to help victims of the recent violence, reports Ukrainska Pravda, May 4.

As stated on the Odesa City Council website, Odesa residents have been actively helping city hospitals and victims of the events of May 2.

“Blood and medications are not needed at present,” the statement says. “The number of people willing to donate blood and to bring help to the city hospitals greatly exceeds immediate needs. We will no longer be accepting medications, items, and blood donations for the injured,” the website reports.

However, those wishing to help city hospitals can send funds for the purchase of additional medical equipment.

After the violent clashes on May 2, some 214 people sought medical attention or were brought in by ambulances. Of those 88 were hospitalized. The rest received outpatient care or refused hospitalization. As of 14:00 on Saturday, May 3, of the 88 hospitalized patients three had died — one from gunshot wounds, the second from trauma during a fall, the third from burns.

According to the most recent data, 46 people died as a result of clashes between the supporters and opponents of Maidan (united Ukraine) in Odesa.

Contacts for Volunteer Groups in Odesa

Jewish Hospital (Hospital No 1, Myasoedovskaya St., 32 (corner B Khmelnytsky St.)
Svetlana – 063-73-56-020
Lubov – 093-275-11-77

Hospital No 10 – Malynovskyy St., 61 (burn center)
Yuliana – 063-94-79-641

Hospital No 11 – Ak. Vorobiev St., 5
Vladimir – 063-73-54-747

Kyiv residents have actively joined the volunteer effort. The “People’s Hospital” initiative, which helped medical personnel during the Maidan events in Kyiv by purchasing medicines and medical equipment, is now helping Odesa residents.

Volunteers have already delivered specialized bandages and X-ray film to Odesa, reports historian Oleksandr Babych, who manages the volunteer effort. Additionally he has  received money donations from Kyiv and Odesa residents and even from Russians.

Babych says that he is now coordinating the assistance effort with volunteer groups from Kyiv, with the Odesa Euromaidan activists, and the leadership of Self-Defense.

“We’ll also need to coordinate with the men and women who are working with the injured from Kulikovo field (pro-Russian tent encampment in Odesa). I don’t care who is being helped just as long as this person is alive and well. We can sort out our political views later,” he says.

According to the “People’s Hospital,” some UAH 20,000 has already been donated to help the victims in Odesa.

Source: http://life.pravda.com.ua/society/2014/05/4/166800/


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